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The Dirty Bourbon River Show Brings its Gypsy-Brass Circus Rock to Jazz Fest

Right in the middle of one of Noah Adams’ patented speed raps, rapid-fire musings that reveal much about the sound and style of his musical troupe, Dirty Bourbon River Show, he drops a quote from the learned Samuel Johnson: “He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.” [...]

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The Longtime Goners, The Longtime Goners (Independent)

The Longtime Goners are probably the most authentic sounding of the local bands signing up for the Americana Revolution, more Hank Sr. and Johnny Cash than Petty or Eagles. So it makes a kind of weird ironic sense that they’re a bunch of kids from the Hinterlands, street buskers who assembled in the Quarter to [...]

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Street Songs: Nathan Rivera, Nathan Rivera (Independent) and Shine Delphi, Something Good… (Independent)

When they’re playing and performing together, which is often, these two seasonal NOLA street musicians call themselves the Black Resonators, after their nearly identical guitars. They’re also their own men and yet, as these two debut solo albums prove, working more or less from the same playbook, utilizing a mixture of gypsy jazz, pure folk, [...]

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Moses Patrou, Can’t Stop, Vol. 1 (Independent)

Moses Patrou is a jazz drummer from Nashville, but even that odd teaser doesn’t begin to describe the depth and breadth of his CV; he learned at the metaphorically funky feet of Clyde Stubblefield, the James Brown drummer who gave the world the “Funky Drummer” backbeat. He’s studied with the finest percussionists of both Brazil [...]

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The Parishioners, Blame It on the Weather (Independent)

This five-piece likes to call what it does “Gothic Americana”—but dark punkabilly it ain’t. Even more so than last year’s full-length debut, Putting the Past to Rest, this follow-up EP merely adds a little old-school alternative funk/rock to its ragged synthesis of country, pop, and Cajun, delineating a point on an imaginary timeline in an [...]

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Rod Melancon, Parish Lines (Medina River Records)

His look makes him come on like a Cajun Elvis. His first ambition was to be a movie star. And almost certainly due to that life choice, he’s based out of Los Angeles. But Rod Melancon, as his name and the title of his second album both imply, is genuine South Louisiana, even as he [...]

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NOLA County, Human Heartland (Independent)

“Keep Country Weird” is the unofficial motto of this quintet, which functions as another one of those spontaneous NOLA “supergroups” trying something for fun (there are members here from Courtyard Kings, RiverLeft, and Bacon, if you’re interested). They don’t get exactly weird on the majority of their debut, though they don’t stand on convention either, [...]

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Renee and the Walkaways, The Walkaway Sessions (Independent)

It sounds like a dream come true for a lot of aspiring singer-songwriters, to have your debut album expertly produced by an old hand in the business, which also means it features several guest stars—not just locals, but folks with real national clout. Renee Cheek has just that on The Walkaway Sessions: Al “Carnival Time” [...]

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Necessary Gentlemen, Fools to Stay (Independent)

One of the six Necessary Gentlemen of the band’s title is actually a woman, but the deceit stops there—everything else about this latest cadre of bluegrass and folk-inspired artists comes as advertised, and not just because they have a steady gig at the Neutral Ground, or because they open this debut with the standard “Rambler’s [...]

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Harn Solo, Perfect Picture (Independent)

It’s not the blasted urban hellscape that Detroit is (yet), but there’s no reason a city as relentlessly ethnic as NOLA can’t produce its own Great White Rapper—anyone who names himself like a Twitter handle has the right attitude, and it helps that his flow is a lot like Em’s, mixed with a little Chali [...]

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