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Miss Sophie Lee and the Parish Suites, Traverse This Universe (Independent)

Sophie Lee, transplanted native of the ’90s or not, could be turning into the Leah Chase of trad jazz; not only does she operate Three Muses while holding down a […]

Rooftop Junkies, Rooftop Junkies (Independent)

This is the second EP now from DJ Ragas’ side project, and anybody who heard 2014’s It Starts Here will know just what to expect: punkish meat-and-potatoes roots rock for […]

Sheriff Bud Torres Saltwater Cowboy (Independent)

He bills himself, jokingly, as “That Other Singing Sheriff,” a politically deft nod to fellow Louisianan, actor and vocalist Faron Young, but unlike that honky tonk legend, Beauregard “Bud” Torres […]

Burnhouse, “Burnhouse” (Independent)

Bands that attempt to synthesize the past couple of decades of cock-rock, as these guys do, usually depend on either a shredding guitarist or a charismatic lead vocalist to set […]

Eric Lindell, Matters of the Heart (Red Parlor Records)

  The period between 1969-1973 was the age of universal soul: authentic black gospel was in the Top 40, swamp-rock proved the New South had come around, and the legacy […]

Jamie Bernstein, You Don’t Know Me (Independent)

Well, maybe not. After lo these many years on the New Orleans scene, sometimes it feels as if we’re just getting to know Jamie Bernstein, formerly J. the Savage. As […]

Smoking Time Jazz Club, Make a Tadpole Holler Whale (Independent)

Not that this is hard to do or anything, but if you’re gonna fully appreciate the music of this revolving, transplanted octet of expats, it helps to remember that jazz […]

Bicycle Jones and Stover: Song Shed, Vol. 1 (Independent)

Multi-instrumentalist Dave Stover’s had more Crescent City musical projects and sit-in sessions than you’ve had hot meals, but for this pure-country EP he wisely traveled to the Northshore and picked […]

5 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud (Independent)

These suburban cowboys are the type whose Country comes naturally filtered through classic rock, but in this case that’s a good thing—the shades of soul, rock and blues in this […]

Joey van Leeuwen, Reflection (Independent)

Reflection” can mean a shimmering surface you can see yourself in, but it can describe the act of looking inside oneself as well, and it’s a dichotomy that free-form jazz […]