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Ron Hacker & Friends, “Live at the Old U.S. Mint” (Independent)

It’s hard to remember the last time New Orleans had a good old-fashioned blues summit meeting, but that’s more or less what Ron Hacker and his very famous friends have […]

Burris, “Meant to Be” (Independent)

Introducing jazz elements into otherwise straightforward rock is a gimmick as old as Blood, Sweat & Tears or Chicago, but when done right, it’s thrilling in a way that rock […]

Scott Ramminger, “Do What Your Heart Says To” (Independent)

Say what you might about Scott Ramminger, a veteran saxophonist from D.C. who works in all manner of blues, soul and R&B styles: He’s not afraid to give the people […]

Alison McConnell, “These Walls” (Independent)

Chances are you’ve heard Alison McConnell singing around town with her band Wonderland, but her first five-song EP is a solo affair that sounds like it was designed for your […]

Vermilion Whiskey, “Spirit of Tradition” (10 South)

Now that hip hop, EDM and DJ culture rule the world, the question can be asked: Is rock ‘n’ roll dead, finally, after all this time? The answer: yes and […]

Billie Davies, “A Nu Experience: On Hollywood Boulevard” (Independent)

Despite the best efforts of James M. Cain, Chinatown and BoJack Horseman, L.A. noir still doesn’t get the respect it deserves next to what goes on in Gotham. This is […]

Mysterious Blend, “Harold and Friends” (Independent)

“Wisdom comes in funny ways/ Not in books or art or plays/ But falling hard and feeling pain,” sings professional life coach Harold Steinitz on his debut CD with his […]

Keith Porteous, “Sound Refuge” (Independent)

The woman on the cover of this deeply spiritual set is neither a saint or Keith’s muse; Porteous is indeed female, not just in gender identity but in vocal chops, […]

Fr. Ron and Friends, “This Land” (Independent)

Lots of musicians talk about the folk aesthetic as a shared bond, but Father Ronald Clingenpeel, an Episcopal minister and consultant from St. Louis via Nebraska, really walks the walk, […]

Unc Imo, “60 Year Old Rapper w/ a Bad Knee” (Independent)

Unc Imo has some fame in the rap game, at least to an extent: This retired postal worker and Vietnam vet made it to WorldStarHipHop by presenting himself as Black […]