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Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys, Never Trust the Living (Independent)

They hole up on Frenchman, mainly at the Apple Barrel, with occasional forays into Mid City’s heart of darkness. They hail from New York’s East Village, and they interned at […]

Guy Davis, Kokomo Kidd (M.C. Records)

Black bluesmen don’t pick up the banjo all that often, despite its prominence in the music’s rural history, but Guy Davis sees blues the way it was before it became […]

Nation Beat Featuring Cha Wa, Carnival Caravan (Independent)

Brazilian maracatu drumming is to the Recife and Olinda Carnival scenes what the second-line beat is to good old New Orleans Mardi Gras, so it was only a matter of […]

Mary Jane Guiney, Stay True (Independent)

Something in this city calls to Australians—and that’s not just more OffBeat-brand civic boosterism. The secret romance of the port city, no doubt, not to mention something to do with […]

Shemekia Copeland, Outskirts of Love (Alligator Records)

Shemekia is the blues diva who needs no introduction, and if she does, you probably don’t need to know anyway—daughter of storied Texas guitar slinger Johnny Copeland, she had the […]

Ratty Scurvics, Posterity Stares at Me/Deathchildren (Upper Ninth Records)

To put it in colloquial terms, Ratty Scurvics is Vince Vance’s boy, though we won’t dwell on his local lineage too much, since Ratty, who otherwise shares his father’s love […]

Jamie Lynn Vessels, Home (Independent)

Jamie Lynn is the latest in a long line of girls-with-guitars who picked up where Sheryl Crow left off, at least from a personality standpoint; she seems like the one […]

Mason Ruffner, Aerial (Maldoror Records)

In the mid-’80s, after Sea-Saint and before The Big Easy, transplanted Fort Worth native Mason Ruffner was a welcome national focal point for the New Orleans scene, a guitar slinger […]

Lefty Keith & the True Blues, Volume 2 (Independent)

Lefty may be a drummer, but he’s still a blues bandleader, one who’s set up a residency of sorts on Decatur Street, usually holding it down for French Quarter blues […]

Woody’s Rampage, Tip Jar (Sound of New Orleans Records)

Some of you more faithful OffBeat readers may remember the name of Woody’s Rampage and its star guitarist, Ryan Hall, from this writer’s review of Patrick Williams and His Blues […]