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Alfred Banks, A Beautiful Prelude EP (Independent)

Don’t look now, but there’s a whole raft of up-and-coming hip hop artists on the New Orleans scene, most of them making a significant break from the 504’s legendary bounce […]

MarchFourth!, Magic Number (Independent)

If for some reason you’re not yet familiar with the brilliant multimedia assault that was heretofore known as the MarchFourth Marching Band, picture a multiplied Tower of Power—9 horns! 5 […]

The Taxpayers, Big Delusion Factory (Useless State Records)

The Taxpayers get more press than most New Orleans rock bands, and that’s because they have more history, starting out as a Portland post-­emo group of indie rockers who literally […]

Joy, Just Like That (Independent)

Joycelyn Owens is best known as the featured female vocalist for Walter “Wolfman” Washington and his Roadmasters, and if you like the music of that shifting ensemble, you’ll feel right […]

Antoine Diel & Sam Kuslan, In My Father’s House (Independent)

You’d be hard­-pressed to find an album in 2016 that mixes two distinct styles of Christian music so bravely, if not flawlessly. Antoine Diel is not only classically trained but […]

Kayla Woodson, Kayla Woodson (Independent)

She’s from Waggaman originally, but like so many before her, Kayla Woodson journeyed to Nashville in order to make it as a country star, simultaneously enrolling in Belmont College’s music […]

Corinne Bailey Rae: Feeling Brave

Few singers these days can get their worldview across with the timbre of their voice alone the way Corinne Bailey Rae can—warm, intimate, largely positive and humanist, her brand of […]

Blame it on the Storm

If you’ve lived in New Orleans your whole life, you’ve probably noticed that there have been three major tectonic shifts in the mainstream (i.e., white) culture of the city over […]

Tasha Taylor, Honey for the Biscuit (Ruf)

Tasha Taylor is the daughter of Stax soul legend Johnnie Taylor, and far from shying away from her heritage she’s embraced it fully, carrying the torch for soul-­blues without a […]

Matt Babineaux, A Place to Fall (Independent)

You’re allowed to take your time in Americana music, based as it is on old folk traditions; one of its main appeals is the way it can slowly unfold itself, […]