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Tasha Taylor, Honey for the Biscuit (Ruf)

Tasha Taylor is the daughter of Stax soul legend Johnnie Taylor, and far from shying away from her heritage she’s embraced it fully, carrying the torch for soul-­blues without a […]

Matt Babineaux, A Place to Fall (Independent)

You’re allowed to take your time in Americana music, based as it is on old folk traditions; one of its main appeals is the way it can slowly unfold itself, […]

Dick Deluxe, Turning 61 on Highway 61 (Independent)

Go ahead and get those jokes out of your system now. Dick Deluxe (not his birth name, sorry) is a busker from out California way, the kind of ex-­hippie who […]

Smoke N Bones, Amplify (Independent)

Here’s another undoubtedly talented NOLA outfit that can take on just about any style of black music invented before Kurtis Blow came along but gets hamstrung by a severe identity […]

The Melatauns, Swingin’ Melatauns (Independent)

If you saw the name of this four or five piece occasionally augmented by horns and thought you might be getting a Swingin’ Medallions type garage band done up NOLA […]

Creole String Beans, Golden Crown (Independent)

If you’ve never been fortunate enough to get a ladies’ choice dance to these guys, know that the Creole String Beans are the city’s best wedding band, which of course […]

The Batture Boys, Muddy Water (Independent)

Add together one subdude and one Continental Drifter (that is, Tommy Malone and Ray Ganucheau) and you get this debut EP by the Batture Boys, a duo who, perhaps predictably, […]

Dave Jordan and the NIA, No Losers Tonight (Independent)

Dave Jordan was the bassist and frontman of the late, lamented Dubya­era local jam band known simply as Juice, but his new band has only been an aggregate of floating […]

Find That Girl: Robin Power Royal and Prince

The singer, rapper, actress, New Orleans resident and model known as Robin Power Royal was known by another name until she met Prince—she became one of the Purple One’s many […]

Miss Sophie Lee and the Parish Suites, Traverse This Universe (Independent)

Sophie Lee, transplanted native of the ’90s or not, could be turning into the Leah Chase of trad jazz; not only does she operate Three Muses while holding down a […]