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Steve Cunningham, Music from Mister Steve (Independent)

You might think that a debut album from a mainstay of the Neutral Ground Coffee House scene would be filled with singer-songwriter fluff sans electricity, but Steve Cunningham, the local […]

The Russell Welch Hot Quartet, Mississippi Gipsy (Independent)

The New Vagabond movement of trad-jazz post-K transplants—and let’s keep using that term until OffBeat readers come up with a more fitting one—hasn’t produced many instrumental albums, odd for a […]

Patrick Williams and His Blues Xpress, Big Easy Blues (Sound of New Orleans)

Singer and harp man Patrick Williams is one of those rare NOLA natives who chose blues over jazz, and as such, he holds down what there is of the Bourbon […]

JeConte, Down by the Bayou (Red Parlor Records) & Danielle Nicole, “Danielle Nicole” (Concord Music Group)

As any politician will tell you, the bully pulpit is half the fun of the job, and same goes for musicians—when they get popular enough, they kinda get to decide […]

The Roamin’ Jasmine, The Roamin’ Jasmine (Milo Records)

The post-K Busker Invasion continues with the appropriately named Roamin’ Jasmine, a sextet equally happy turning trad-jazz out to walk the streets, taking it into the clubs on Bourbon and […]

T-Roy, Deep South Dub (Bayou International)

T-Roy is the DJ currently holding down the dub scene on Frenchman Street (Blue Nile, Yuki, Dragon’s Den), and as you might imagine from the title, his mix of reggae […]

Boyfriend Is a Girl

She calls herself Boyfriend, which is as succinct a summation as any of her mission statement: not so much bending genders as tweaking perceptions. All of them. A Tennessee expat […]

Boyfriend, Love Your Boyfriend: Pts. 1 & 2 (Independent)

If you’re one of those people who were pissed that Lady Gaga became a superstar and Peaches didn’t, you might be the target audience for Boyfriend. For one thing, Boyfriend […]

Ken Swartz & the Palace of Sin, While I Was Waitin’ (Independent)

By the time Ken Swartz gets to his Neil Young cover—track 11, “Only Love Can Break Your Heart,” for those Luddites who still listen to albums in order—it’s about as […]

G String Orchestra, Time (Independent)

One shudders to think of the consequences if the G String Orchestra had been just another drunken NOLA rock band. (Imagine yourself trying to convince your out-of-town friends there’s no […]