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The Asylum Chorus, “Take A Piece” (Independent)

If this debut EP were only an excuse to create a supergroup out of organist Joe Krown, drummer Doug Belote, and Groovesect and Gravity A guitarist Danny Abel, it would […]

Hopalong Catastrophe, “Big Bad Wrong” (Four Cats / Radionic Records)

“Best kept secret” is a cliché, but like so many clichés, it’s one that appeared out of necessity. And for three albums now, ex–Vince Vance and the Valiants and Topcats […]

Terra Terra, “Terra Terra” (Independent)

The jazz-rock trio Terra Terra understands one very important element of science fiction: Be sure to stop every once in a while and instill awe. They actually have a vague, […]

Kettle Black, “4.28.16” (Independent)

Keith Burnstein, transplanted New Yorker and lead singer-songwriter of this smooth PBR&B jam band, sings a lot like Dr. John in his classic early-’70s salad days, but that’s really just […]

Louie Ludwig, “I Got Nothin to Say” (Zzi Music)

The song “Blame It on the Storm” was reviewed here not that long ago (by yours truly), but the rest of this release by Louie—NOLA’s finest and wittiest folkie, although […]

Amanda Shaw, “Amanda Shaw” (Independent)

This would be Amanda Shaw’s big national swing-for-the-bleachers superstar bid if she had just turned 18; as it is, a lot of people still think of her as Louisiana’s sweetheart, […]

Cauche Mar, “Cauche Mar” (Independent)

When is a metal band not metal? Possibly when it takes the chamber music route, as Cauche Mar does here on their debut EP. It’s not that this sextet doesn’t […]

The Spike Band, “What It Means” (Independent)

Usually when an act starts singing a blues-funk song about how much they love étouffée, they’re not doing much more than creating a bit of merch for Crescent City tourists […]

Paul and Friends, “Journey of the Heart” (P&J Records)

Christian yacht rock? Seems like an unlikely sub-subgenre of popular music, even in today’s balkanized music industry. However, this is the real deal—and Paul, who’s actually Australian Paul Sammarco operating […]

Buku Broux, “Live from Jackson Square” (Independent)

Multiculturalism is nothing if not the lifeblood of New Orleans culture, from its food to its music to its architecture, which is why it’s always great to see a band […]