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So Long Storyland, So Long Storyland (Independent)

You can’t beat a great backstory. Andrew deBuys, a.k.a. Rathbone, was an aspiring songwriter teaching at a girls’ private school in post-K New Orleans when he took on a new […]

Charlie Musselwhite, I Ain’t Lyin’… (Henrietta Records)

You really do have to be a living legend—supposed harp heir to Sonny Boy Williamson I, inspiration for Elwood Blues, and last living remnant of the Chicago blues scene of […]

Bionica, Future Settlers (Independent)

At first blush, Bionica seems like any other jazz-rock outfit with a clear-throated, clear-headed, and somewhat winsome female lead vocalist, but whoops, here comes the vocoder: This quintet’s actually made […]

Seth Hitsky and Black Dragons, Rain all Day (Independent)

Even for a twenty-first century NOLA transplant, Seth Hitsky took a strange path here, moving from Detroit’s rock clubs to playing jazz, cabaret piano and world music in Chicago. Then […]

Will Payne Harrison, Louisiana Summer (Independent)

If Louisiana Summer were a person—and this reviewer has no idea how closely it resembles its artist, former Onlies leader Will Payne Harrison—it would be a likable chap, earthy but […]

Deltaphonic: Texas, Texas (Independent)

New Orleans’ twisted take on Americana is naturally faster, funnier, funkier, and drunkier than Appalachian balladry or baroque folk or Southern garage blues or whatever. And at first blush, it […]

The New Orleans Steamcog Orchestra, Victory Through Steam (Lab Rock Records)

By now you’ve probably heard of COG, that is, the Consortium of Genius, the ever-expanding melange of nerd-rock showoffs happily pursuing world domination under the direction of mad scientist Dr. […]

Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys, Never Trust the Living (Independent)

They hole up on Frenchman, mainly at the Apple Barrel, with occasional forays into Mid City’s heart of darkness. They hail from New York’s East Village, and they interned at […]

Guy Davis, Kokomo Kidd (M.C. Records)

Black bluesmen don’t pick up the banjo all that often, despite its prominence in the music’s rural history, but Guy Davis sees blues the way it was before it became […]

Nation Beat Featuring Cha Wa, Carnival Caravan (Independent)

Brazilian maracatu drumming is to the Recife and Olinda Carnival scenes what the second-line beat is to good old New Orleans Mardi Gras, so it was only a matter of […]