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Sugarcane Collins, Goin’ Back to Clarksdale (Independent)

What do Australia, South Louisiana, and the Mississippi Delta have in common? If you said “sugarcane,” you’d be correct, which is why the Aussie singer-guitarist who was born Andy Collins […]

The New Orleans Upstarts, More Than a Handful (Independent)

The New Orleans Upstarts often describe themselves as being on the cusp of some new synthesis of Crescent City styles, but aside from a slightly more soulful cast to their […]

Fawn Larson, The Sway (Independent)

It’s usually a good idea to steer clear of anyone whose Twitter actually declares them “Americana’s new darling,” but Fawn Larson might actually have a shot at it. She’s got […]

Voo Davis, Midnight Mist (Butter & Bacon Records)

What do you get when a 21st Century white boy makes the same exodus as those of his blues idols—leaving Alabama for the big bad lights of Chiraq, um, Chicago? […]

The Quickening, My Name Ain’t Skip (Independent)

It takes a supreme amount of confidence to name your new band after the worst sequel ever, but it turns out The Quickening is also the brainchild of Blake Quick, […]

Sun God Seven, Sun God Seven (Independent)

Sun God Seven is not your typical blues-rock band, and not just because lead singer Christiana sports a fedora, a boa, silver face paint, and a red heart over one […]

Rhino Electric Band, Guide to the Galaxy (Independent)

Jazz isn’t the first soundtrack you’d necessarily think of while making your initial foray into Douglas Adams’ acclaimed sci-fi absurdist pentalogy of novels, of which “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” […]

Sonny Landreth, Bound by the Blues (Provogue Records)

Saying that Sonny Landreth just made a blues album is a real heavy exercise in redundancy, yet on his latest, the acclaimed guitar slinger employs his patented sliding-and-fretting technique to […]

James Clark, March of the Bi-Polar Bears (Independent)

Shadows, the first solo album by former Gal Holiday drummer James Clark, was cinematic and airy, complex and dark, and the followup Cloudwalker applied that same feel to world music, […]

Chef Menteur, Chef Menteur III (Sunrise Ocean Bender)

Don’t let their name fool you: as area rock bands go, Chef Menteur is progressive. Like, Bernie Sanders-level progressive. They spell “pyramid” with three y’s. They routinely go on for […]