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In Business, Space Story (Independent)

If any cultural capital in the world could possibly reboot the adventures of the P-Funk mothership, the Crescent City would be it. Yet this sextet, already well-known for its stage […]

Roadside Glorious, Brawn and Bone (Independent)

Roadside Glorious styles itself as a blues-rock group, but there’s a surprisingly strong soul element that lands them more on the side of swamp-rock. The result gives them a range […]

Georgi Petrov, Alien of Extraordinary Abilities (Breakfast for Dinner Records)

An “Alien of Extraordinary Abilities” is not a Grey with telekinesis or something like that, as jazz guitarist Georgi Petrov playfully alludes in the art for his second album; it’s […]

Lilli Lewis Project, We Belong (Louisiana Red Hot Records)

As a solo act, Lilli Lewis referred to her style as orange music, meant to distinguish it from blues proper. It made sense, too: her version of the folk blues […]

Ghalia, Mississippi Blend (Ruf Records)

If you haven’t read the article on Ghalia Volt in this issue—go ahead, we’ll wait—you might not know just how impressive her story is. Born in Brussels, she discovered and […]

Esther Rose, You Made it This Far (Father / Daughter)

Twenty years ago, no one would have guessed that the Lower 9th Ward would become one of the hippest recording studio hotspots in the country. But as Uptown became Hollywood […]

Notel Motel, Heavy & Sweaty (Last Hope)

Turns out it’s pretty easy to create the perfect indie rock barbecue/pool party playlist for the sketchier suburbs of NOLA. According to Notel Motel’s second album, all you need is: […]

Blues Out of Nowhere: The journey of Ghalia Vauthier

It’s one thing to pay your dues in order to sing the blues, but what if you discover the music, fall in love with it, learn to play it, and […]

The Links, Take it Away EP (Warganized Records)

Their PR claims they’re partially influenced by the “Madchester” rockers of the ‘90s, but while they’re certainly danceable, this local trio isn’t psychedelic or shoegazer. Rather, they weld Madchester to […]

Monty Russell, Fat Man (Independent)

A genuine raconteur of Americana, Monty Russell’s version of it is agreeably diverse yet less ambiguous than most; plot his various styles on a map and you’ll generally describe an […]