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Boyfriend Is a Girl

She calls herself Boyfriend, which is as succinct a summation as any of her mission statement: not so much bending genders as tweaking perceptions. All of them. A Tennessee expat […]

Boyfriend, Love Your Boyfriend: Pts. 1 & 2 (Independent)

If you’re one of those people who were pissed that Lady Gaga became a superstar and Peaches didn’t, you might be the target audience for Boyfriend. For one thing, Boyfriend […]

Ken Swartz & the Palace of Sin, While I Was Waitin’ (Independent)

By the time Ken Swartz gets to his Neil Young cover—track 11, “Only Love Can Break Your Heart,” for those Luddites who still listen to albums in order—it’s about as […]

G String Orchestra, Time (Independent)

One shudders to think of the consequences if the G String Orchestra had been just another drunken NOLA rock band. (Imagine yourself trying to convince your out-of-town friends there’s no […]

Clint Kaufmann, All I Know (Independent)

It’s not immediately obvious if you’re busy studying the song titles, but the debut release by local singer-songwriter Clint Kaufmann has a back cover shot from a blackout drunk POV—if […]

New Orleans Suspects, Ouroboros (Louisiana Red Hot Records)

When you get right down to it, most bands formed in the Crescent City are gonna be supergroups. The city’s just that insular and that talented. But even for all […]

Various Artists, Best of Street: New Orleans Volume 1 (Independent)

Look out—here come the vagabonds. The City that Care Forgot has seen a steady post-K influx of wandering minstrels sneaking across our cultural borders, most with the same backstory involving […]

Tank & the Bangas, Think Tank (Independent)

Tank and the Bangas are one of those groups that do a number of things well and a couple of things superbly, but not necessarily at the same time. Their […]

Flow Tribe, Alligator White (Independent)

Flow Tribe just keep on refining their horny bro-funk with each new release, but this latest EP reveals that their blue-eyed soul streak is starting to bleed through as well. […]

Carlo Ditta, What I’m Talkin’ About (Orleans Records)

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of Carlo Ditta in keeping the best of the New Orleans music scene alive the last 30 years, both as producer, songwriter, and guitarist […]