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Ratty Scurvics, Posterity Stares at Me/Deathchildren (Upper Ninth Records)

To put it in colloquial terms, Ratty Scurvics is Vince Vance’s boy, though we won’t dwell on his local lineage too much, since Ratty, who otherwise shares his father’s love […]

Jamie Lynn Vessels, Home (Independent)

Jamie Lynn is the latest in a long line of girls-with-guitars who picked up where Sheryl Crow left off, at least from a personality standpoint; she seems like the one […]

Mason Ruffner, Aerial (Maldoror Records)

In the mid-’80s, after Sea-Saint and before The Big Easy, transplanted Fort Worth native Mason Ruffner was a welcome national focal point for the New Orleans scene, a guitar slinger […]

Lefty Keith & the True Blues, Volume 2 (Independent)

Lefty may be a drummer, but he’s still a blues bandleader, one who’s set up a residency of sorts on Decatur Street, usually holding it down for French Quarter blues […]

Woody’s Rampage, Tip Jar (Sound of New Orleans Records)

Some of you more faithful OffBeat readers may remember the name of Woody’s Rampage and its star guitarist, Ryan Hall, from this writer’s review of Patrick Williams and His Blues […]

Dan Rivers, I Can Still Hear the Music (Independent)

Dan Rivers is a good old-fashioned, unrepentant, unreconstructed hippie, a fact which might once again be culturally relevant in a Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders world. Except his debut album […]

Sugarcane Collins, Goin’ Back to Clarksdale (Independent)

What do Australia, South Louisiana, and the Mississippi Delta have in common? If you said “sugarcane,” you’d be correct, which is why the Aussie singer-guitarist who was born Andy Collins […]

The New Orleans Upstarts, More Than a Handful (Independent)

The New Orleans Upstarts often describe themselves as being on the cusp of some new synthesis of Crescent City styles, but aside from a slightly more soulful cast to their […]

Fawn Larson, The Sway (Independent)

It’s usually a good idea to steer clear of anyone whose Twitter actually declares them “Americana’s new darling,” but Fawn Larson might actually have a shot at it. She’s got […]

Voo Davis, Midnight Mist (Butter & Bacon Records)

What do you get when a 21st Century white boy makes the same exodus as those of his blues idols—leaving Alabama for the big bad lights of Chiraq, um, Chicago? […]