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Love for the City: William Bell returns to New Orleans

WILLIAM BELL: FRIDAY, MAY 5—BLUES TENT, 4:10 P.M.   For someone who never crossed over to lasting pop success in his day, William Bell has nevertheless had a deep and […]

Captain Green, “Jazz Noise” (Independent)

It’s always possible that they’re just being self-effacing, but the members of Captain Green probably meant the title of their third full-length studio album as a challenge, a la Public […]

The Tangiers Combo, “Are You in the Mood?” (Independent)

If you were a New Orleans expat in the early days of the Great Depression, one who suddenly needed to leave town for reasons best left unsaid by booking passage […]

Black Laurel, “Black Laurel” (Independent)

If rock and roll, like any other form of music, stops growing, is it still alive? More to the point, is it still relevant? Gregg Yde apparently thinks so. An […]

Bon Bon Vivant, “Paint & Pageantry” (Independent)

You might well guess, from both their band name and the title of their debut full-length album, that the cabaret is strong with this sextet, and you’d be right: Song […]

Sam Friend, “Twin” (Independent)

A true Jack of all musical trades, Sam Friend is perhaps best known to New Orleanians for his tenure in the New Orleans Swamp Donkeys Traditional Jass Band he co-founded […]

Marco Benevento, “Woodstock Sessions” (Royal Potato Family)

Locals probably know Marco best as a late-period member of Garage a Trois, unless you really keep your ear close to the New York experimental rock scene, in which case […]

Dirty Bourbon River Show, “The Flying Musical Circus” (Independent)

The Crescent City is undergoing a golden age of musical burlesque theater, and no one is working harder at it, or arguably reaping greater benefits, than the Dirty Bourbon River […]

Ken Swartz & the Palace of Sin, “Smile the Blues Away” (Adelphi)

There may be no single person better in New Orleans at smiling away the blues than Ken Swartz; whether it be Piedmont, East Coast, or Country Blues, Ken likes to […]

Bicycle Jones & Stover, “Song Shed (Vol. 2)” (Independent)

This is the second half of a project initiated between Dave Stover, longtime NOLA-rock scenester and all-purpose songwriter, and Training Wheels singer “Bicycle” Jones, who again adds some Northshore backwoods […]