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Saints of Chiac: Sweet Crude’s communal experience is pure joy

Sweet Crude is about to play its first headlining show at Tipitina’s, and the members of the half–Louisiana French singing indie pop/rock band are fully celebrating. Family and friends are […]

My Music: Russell Welch

I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, where my father was a musician and a lawyer. He was always playing banjo and trumpet and guitars. We had a family connection to […]

Preserving Jazz Fest Culture

Some New Orleanians are frustrated. The city is undeniably changing, and it is often changed by outside forces eliminating what makes our culture so special. The past few years have […]

Fest Focus: The Honorable South

Thursday, April 9, House of Blues, 4:30p Saturday, April 11, Tropical Isle Stage, 12:30p As the Honorable South works through a sound check prior to a recent performance on local […]

Russian-Mafia Band Debauche Masters “Debaucheology”

At least one thing is certain with local Russian-mafia band Debauche: the members do not phone it in. Onstage at the release show for their new album, Songs from Underground, […]

Sean Bruce, Staring at Maps, Part 1 (Independent)

There’s a line in the biopic Ray in which Mr. Charles explains that his love of country and western music is rooted in the stories within those genres. Lafayette-based singer-songwriter […]

Debauche, Songs from Underground (Independent )

Generally, bands either thrive in the studio or on the stage. While a band can be very good in both arenas, it will typically be just a little bit better at […]

Benjamin Booker’s Invigorating Palette Returns to New Orleans

Pop culture tends to have a romantic notion of the diligent solo artist toiling away at his or her art in tragic, typically substance-fueled solitude. Relatively recent New Orleans transplant […]

James Clark, Cloudwalker (Independent)

We’ve all heard the joke before: What was the last thing the drummer said before being kicked out the band? “Check out this new song I wrote.” James Clark, former […]

The Rayo Brothers, Gunslinger (Independent)

The recent neo-folk boom calls to bring modern music back home to its roots. This can have mixed results, as acts like Mumford and Sons seem to simply use folk […]