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WHIV Radio – Live from New Orleans: Musicians, Mentors & Barroom Heroes (Independent)

When writer/rabble-rouser Laura DeFazio talks about her WHIV 102.3 FM radio show, “Musicians, Mentors, and Barroom Heroes,” she usually describes it as, “like being in your living room, if your […]

Sabertooth Swing, “Extinct Possibilities” (Independent)

There are those in the traditional jazz world who maintain a dogged adherence to historical accuracy, and then there are those who throw tradition out the window. Sabertooth Swing belongs […]

Singer-songwriter Kelcy Mae talks about her favorite places to imbibe in New Orleans

New Orleanians know that whether you’re looking to celebrate, dance, hang out, or heal a broken heart, there is a bar in this city for you. Just ask Kelcy Mae, […]

SOUNDCHECK: Five Questions with Michael Allen Zell

When it comes to capturing the grit and allure of New Orleans’ dark side, no one is doing it with as much style and success as author Michael Allen Zell. […]

Cyril Neville Endangered Species, The Complete Recordings / Endangered Species: The Essential Recordings (Louisiana Red Hot Records)

The Essence of New Orleans   If you don’t know how incredibly epic singer/songwriter/percussionist Cyril Neville’s career has been, you need to educate yourself. Seriously, go look him up right […]

Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners, Syncopated Classic (Independent)

Who was Frank D. Waldron? Lost to time, he was a Seattle jazz saxophonist, trumpet player, teacher and composer who played with Jelly Roll Morton and taught a young Quincy […]

Water Seed, Say Yeah!! Live at the Blue Nile (Louisiana Red Hot Records)

Water Seed has it all going for them. They’re fun, funky, talented musicians who know how to make people dance. They’ve followed up their last release, We Are Stars, with […]

Crossing Canal, Lowdown Runaround Fool (Independent)

Ruby Ross of Charlottesville and Patrick Cooper of Shreveport make up the singer/songwriter duo Crossing Canal. They interpret their original tunes with gentle vocal harmonies and accompany themselves with lightly […]

Panorama Jazz and Brass Band, Let the Music Play You (Independent)

In 2014 Panorama Jazz Band made a commitment to release one song a month available via their Bandcamp subscription club, called Good Music for You. While they’re still going strong […]

Nutria, Call to the Air (Breakfast for Dinner Records)

Nutria is a jazz trio founded in 2014 by UNO grads Byron Asher, Shawn Myers and Trey Boudreaux. This second album from the group, Call to the Air, moves into […]