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Charlie and the Tropicales, Presents for Everyone (Independent)

Do you know what goes great with kitsch? More kitsch! By early December, some of us are about to gag on the schmaltziness of the Christmas season. What’s the remedy? […]

The Tangiers Combo, Tangerine (Independent)

In fine print on the back cover of The Tangiers Combo’s new album, Tangerine, it says “this album is dedicated to Norbert Slama 1926-2018.” If you never had the joy […]

Frog and Henry, England 2019 / 2019 II (Independent)

Similar to the methods of Tuba Skinny, string and brass band Frog and Henry draw inspiration from the dawn of early recorded music, breathing new life into long-forgotten songs. On […]

St. Cyr Jazz, What We Carry (Independent)

Major currents in New Orleans history and music motivate this album from St. Cyr Jazz. Composed by trumpet player Dr. Mark St. Cyr, What We Carry is a musical suite […]

Norbert Susemihl All Stars, Live at the New Orleans Jazz Museum 2019 (Independent)

This fall’s release from long-time bi-annual visitor, Norbert Susemihl, features quite a few hometown faces. Norbert leads on trumpet and vocals with Oliver Bonie on alto sax, Craig Klein on […]

The Jumbo Shrimp Jazz Band, The Crustaceous Capers of the Jumbo Shrimp Jazz Band

The Jumbo Shrimp Jazz Band started as a Royal Street busking band, then became a Bourbon Street traditional jazz band, and now, 10 years on, they’re a Spotted Cat genre-bending […]

A Resident Englishman: Clive Wilson talks about his jazz journey from London to New Orleans

  Preservation Hall proprietor Larry Borenstein once remarked to Clive Wilson that the New Orleans jazz scene has always had a “resident Englishman.” In his new memoir, Time of My […]

Two Japanese jazz musicians travelled 7,000 miles to find a home in New Orleans

  Haruka Kikuchi grew up in Tokyo: a big city girl with a background in classical music. Yoshitaka “Z2” Tsuji is from Osaka; his mother started teaching him piano when […]

The New Orleans Catahoulas, “Homegrown” (Independent)

Homegrown, The New Orleans Catahoulas’ debut album, is as much the band’s mission statement as it is a collection of expertly executed tunes. The group’s mission is to bring New […]

Tuba Skinny, “Some Kind-A-Shake” (Independent)

Tuba Skinny has gone all out on the band’s 10th album, Some Kind-A-Shake. Recorded at the swanky The Living Room Studio, the band sounds better than ever. With a full […]