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Tony Seville and the Cadillacs, “Vale La Pena” (Mahogany Jazz Records)

There’s something about this album that makes me want to sip on a cocktail—it has a smooth, lounge-y feel. Tony Seville started playing music professionally in the mid ’60s. He […]

Smoking Time Jazz Club, “Take Your Time and Fly” (Independent)

If you’ve had your ears open for the better part of this decade in New Orleans, you’ve probably heard Smoking Time Jazz Club. This is their ninth album, but they’re […]

Kathryn Rose Wood, “In the Ashes” (Independent)

How do you cope with the monumental grief of losing a loved one? Some unfortunately escape into destructive habits, isolation, depression, or worse. Others, the lucky ones, find a way […]

Shake ’Em Up Jazz Band, “Le Donne Mangiano Zucchero” (Independent)

The new kids on the block, Shake ’Em Up Jazz Band have actually been around for quite some time and it shows in their debut album, Le Donne Mangiano Zucchero […]