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Treme’s Legacy (S4 E4)

Here’s a good question: If you died today what would you leave behind that you would be remembered for? That’s the question being asked in the penultimate episode of HBO’s […]

Treme S4 E2: Death’s Grip On New Orleans

HBO’s New Orleans-based drama Treme is down to its final three episodes. The action is picking up dramatically as story lines resolve with Shakesperian suddenness and finality. Those of us […]

Treme at Buffa’s: If You Can’t Make It Here, You’d Better Not Leave (S4 E1)

A New Orleans tradition was renewed Sunday night when people gathered in the back room at Buffa’s to watch the HBO drama Treme and hear one of the featured artists […]

Treme Episode 9: Musicians Seal the Deals

Most of the musicians on Treme play themselves. Others are given small acting roles, and a very few are actually both musicians and actors playing out storylines that overlap with […]

Treme Recap: Get No Kick Out Of That Modern Jazz

Treme does such a wonderful job representing New Orleans music I find it odd when the music story line hits a clam, but there were bum notes all through last […]

Voodoo and Treme: We Do What We Need To

Black night is falling. The stars are incredibly close. Jack White is mining the past to an adoring crowd in City Park. The Saints are being crushed in Denver. I’m […]

Treme Season 3, Episode 4: Music Is the Message

In last night’s episode of Treme, “The Greatest Love,” Davis McAlary is in Piety Street Studios with producer Mark Bingham, trying to convince him to donate studio time to record […]

Treme Episode Three Recap: The Music of Crickets

Last night’s episode of Treme was a pivotal one, setting up several scenarios to develop throughout the season. Toni goes after a bad apple in the NOPD in a very […]

Treme Episode Three: Don’t Let the Water Wash Us Away

“Me Donkey Want Water,” the title of Episode 3, Season 3 of Treme, is also the title of one of Monk Boudreaux’s compositions on Tab Benoit’s Voice of the Wetlands […]

Treme Ep. Two Preview: Spencer Bohren and “The Long Black Line”

One of the best musical moments in Episode 2 of Treme, airing this Sunday, September 30, comes when Spencer Bohren, OffBeat’s October cover subject, plays his signature song “The Long […]