Back to the Playoffs and 504 Connect

Brian Boyles’ December story on the phenomenon of Saints songs in 2009 started before a game this season when he was DJ’ing at Handsome Willy’s (as he’ll be Saturday afternoon) and played “Saints Anthem” by 504 Connect. I’d never heard it before, and he explained that someone from the group brought in a home-burned CD of the song, and that he had a boxful of similar songs. He then wrote the story of being one of the prime drop points for rappers who hoped that a Saints song would introduce them to the world, but he couldn’t find 504 Connect for an interview, whose song we agreed was one of the best.

The playoffs start tomorrow when the Saints play the Detroit Lions at home in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, and jams about this year’s team in short supply. Here’s 504 Connect’s arena rock hip-hop to start your party, and here’s our Spotify playlist of Saints songs. Who Dat!

Saints Anthem