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Music Passes On

I knew that Bo Dollis had been sick for a long time, and he’d had ups and downs in his health—which has been precarious for some time—but this time it […]

Recognition from OffBeat and YOU

One of the reasons OffBeat was created was to create a way for musicians to feel good about themselves. Now, as a whole, musicians who work hard at their art […]

Giving Music Support Some Love

If you read OffBeat or the Weekly Beat or OffBeat.com or check our social media sites, you know what we’re about. We focus a lot on music: live music and […]

Happy New Year

This is my last blog in 2014, and we wish you all the best so that you and yours will  hopefully have a wonderful 2015. The city of New Orleans is changing rapidly. […]

Christmas Thank You

It’s a couple of days before Christmas and I’d like to take this quiet time to thank all of our loyal readers and supportive advertisers and sponsors for continuing to […]

Supporting the new and
preserving the old

It behooves us to support the newcomers to our beautiful city—the young people who are not only enchanted by the wonders of living in New Orleans, but who also perceive […]

New Orleans is better, but where is UNO

As I drive around New Orleans, I’m constantly amazed by the amount of construction that’s going on and how the city is looking better and better. But then I read […]

Pay attention

Have you noticed any changes in your ability to concentrate? Pay attention? Filter out unwanted (or not urgent) stuff in your consciousness so that you can attend to it later […]

Enter the OffBeat Archives

Here’s a heads-up for readers under the age of 30: once you hit 25, you’re not really going to change much—in your mind. You’ll learn more (hopefully), which is the […]

Armstrong Park and festivals

The Treme Creole Gumbo Festival is this weekend in Armstrong Park. It’s one of my favorite small festivals that’s organized and presented by the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation: […]