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New Atlantis, For Real

Have you read New Atlantis, John Swenson’s book about New Orleans music, post-Katrina? It could be a lot worse… It’s starting to cool off a little, although this year is […]

They Want To Be Told What To Do

Bet that image got your attention, didn’t it? Had a conversation with a friend this morning, discussing what works best in media. We came to the conclusion that readers aren’t as […]

Getting there, on two wheels or four

New Orleans may be finally coming of age, transportation-wise. The new Rampart Street streetcar should be open soon, and everyone has noticed the inclusion of bike lanes on many of […]

Will it ever be real?
Or just talk?

Everyone knows that America’s original art form, jazz, was born in New Orleans. New Orleans, in fact, is known worldwide for its jazz and jazz musicians. But the city is […]

Government Insanity

I suppose I consider myself to be someone who still has (what could be a radically misplaced) belief in the need for government. I do believe that government should serve […]

Rue St. Peter

Today we all said goodbye to a New Orleans one-of-a-kind: Pete Fountain. His funeral was fittingly held at St. Louis Cathedral, the New Orleans Catholic epitome of the highest honor […]

Spread Too Thin?

Supply and demand rules business. Demand drives the supply of business services. The businesses that are astute enough to accurately forecast a demand for a certain product can usually make […]

A Timesuck That’s Worth It

Most social media sites are (IMHO) a big timesuck. How many hours can you spend checking your Facebook page, or Instagram? I know people who literally check their Facebook page […]

Boy Is It Hot…

When OffBeat first started, I was much younger, full of a lot more ambition than now, and I could never understand why things in New Orleans slowed down to a […]

New Orleans 2.0, or Tell Me Why You Live Here

New Orleans used to be a pretty cheap and affordable place to live. But that’s changed a lot over the past three to five years. You can’t find a decent […]