Jan V. Ramsey

April 21st

Jazz Fest Volunteers Needed

Are you a supporter of local music and media? For over 25 years, OffBeat Magazine has been giving you the down and dirty on the local music scene every month. Interviews with musicians, a complete guide to music happenings in all the NOLA clubs, and more! Show your support by joining us at Jazz Fest [...]

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April 16th

Frenchmen Street Brass Band Controversy

Have you been on Frenchmen Street lately and heard the brass band? Remember that big lot on the corner of Frenchmen and Chartres where the brass band used to play every night? It’s gone. In its place is Dat Dog, a fine and welcome addition to the neighborhood. When construction on Dat Dog started some [...]

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April 9th

French Quarter Fest Awaits

It’s hard to believe that French Quarter Fest is once again upon us, and, as usual, the weather appears to be sterling. Starting today is the 31st annual French Quarter Festival, an event that has created a niche of its own in the crowded springtime New Orleans festival arena. Twenty or so years ago French [...]

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Treme Blog

December 30th

Treme: A Tale of Two Cities
(S4 E5, Series Finale)

David Simon’s Treme, the American auteur’s loving and unflinching portrait of New Orleans, is now history after Sunday’s final episode. People compare it to his masterpiece, The Wire, which similarly lacked big viewership numbers while it was running, but became a cult hit once it was over. Treme is a different animal from The Wire, [...]

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December 23rd

Treme’s Legacy (S4 E4)

Here’s a good question: If you died today what would you leave behind that you would be remembered for? That’s the question being asked in the penultimate episode of HBO’s Treme. No matter what happens in next Sunday’s final episode, the question now hangs over the entire series.The question takes on even greater weight in [...]

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December 18th

Joe Krown, Lolis Elie, Chef Blanchard Guest at Buffa’s 12/22 Treme Viewing Party

There are only two episodes left of HBO’s Treme series. It has been a fun and interesting four years having the HBO crew in town, painting a picture about life in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina for the (televised) world. This Sunday, December 22, the second-to-last episode of Treme airs at 8 p.m. (central) and [...]

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Elsa Hahne

May 1st

In The Spirit: “Shake the Devil Off” by Kimberly Patton-Bragg of Tivoli & Lee

Washboard Chaz and I have a New York connection. A gentleman I did Shakespeare with up there used to jam with Washboard Chaz when he lived in San Francisco, so we all connected when I moved down here. Chaz doesn’t know yet that I’m creating this drink for him, for the Tin Men, but I [...]

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April 1st

2014 Vendy Food Truck Awards Return to the French Market

The New Orleans Vendy Awards—a competition for local food trucks—will be back for its second installment on Thursday, April 3 at the French Market, 7-10:30 p.m. Last year, Foodie Call won both the juried Vendy Cup and the People’s Choice award and they’re now back to out-food eight competitors: Crepes a la Cart, Empanada Intifada, [...]

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February 1st

Phil’s Grill Dedicates Craft Cocktails to Iconic New Orleans Musicians

Phil’s Grill is a burger joint—one of the best in the city—as anyone who’s been to their “stores” (as they call them) in Metairie or Harahan should be able to tell you. Their brand-new location at 748 Camp Street in the CBD once housed one of Cosimo Matassa’s recording studios, and the now-chain decided to [...]

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John Swenson

December 2nd

Treme at Buffa’s–You Better Not Leave

A New Orleans tradition was renewed Sunday night when people gathered in the back room at Buffa‘s to watch the HBO drama Treme and hear one of the featured artists from the show. Guitarist Alex McMurray was Sunday night’s host, performing with pianist Bill Malchow, and he provided the audience of familiar HBO regulars like [...]

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March 16th

Revivalists Score at SxSW

The Revivalists played one of the shows of this young band’s life Friday night at SXSW. The crowd at the Holy Mountain backyard was packed with hardcore fans but also a large media contingent and talent scouts checking for the next big thing. The showcase nature of the gig forced the band into a tighter [...]

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March 14th

LIVE FROM SXSW 2013: Hurray for the Riff Raff Plays Startling Song

Tell me what a man with a rifle in his hand is gonna do for his daughter when it’s her turn to go… —Alynda Lee Segarra Hurray for the Riff Raff is making a big splash this week at SXSW. Alynda Lee Segarra seems to be gaining confidence every time she plays and shows an [...]

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Alex Rawls

May 24th

Times-Picayune Plans to Cut Staff and Publication Days

I had thoughts on the twilight of American Idol based on Ann Powers’ excellent analysis, but the news about changes at The Times-Picayune jumps in front. According to Gambit, The New York Times broke the story that the T-P is going to shift its thrust to, cut the print edition to three days a [...]

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May 15th

Gathering of the Tribe

Jan Ramsey kicked a hornets’ nest when she raised the issue of accessibility at Jazz Fest for those with disabilities. The conversation that followed in the comments on her post is lengthy, rambling and contentious, but there’s a near-universal sense that the festival ought to do better by festgoers who need help getting around. They’re [...]

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May 9th

How Disneylanding Happens

Today’s Times-Picayune has a story by Jaquetta White on the revisions for the planned downtown taxing zone—an area from the river to Claiborne Avenue, and from the Pontchartrain Expressway to Elysian Fields. White writes: As is, the proposal, written and supported by Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s administration and local tourism leaders and sponsored by state Sen. [...]

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Ben Berman

November 24th

Happy Thanksgiving: A Big Freedia Animated GIF

Nothing says Thanksgiving like an animated GIF of Big Freedia and her dancers poppin in downtown New Orleans, taken from Freedia’s “Y’all Get Back Now” music video. Source:

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October 26th

Experience the Voodoo Experience on Spotify

Listen to our “Experience the Voodoo Experience” playlist on Spotify Even if you’re living under a rock, you know the Voodoo Experience takes place this weekend in City Park. But even the most tuned-in of your friends are unlikely to know all of the artists performing at Voodoo. To make it easy to figure out [...]

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August 24th

Why Does Sly Stone’s Appreciation End In 1973?

Sylvester Stewart, leader of seminal funk band Sly & the Family Stone, is one of the least well understood of a cluster of funk artists who produced memorable hits in the late 1960s through early 1980s. Sly Stone vanished in the ’80s, making brief appearances in public when Sly & the Family Stone were inducted [...]

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Brett Milano

May 1st

John Mooney, Son & Moon (Fatback Records)

John Mooney & Bluesiana plays Jazz Fest on Saturday, April 26—Blues Tent, 1:30 p.m. Delta blues great Son House is not for the chicken-hearted. His songs deal with the most essential matters—sin, redemption, the apocalypse, short skirts and corn liquor—and if you cover him without the proper intensity, you’ve blown it. This is not a [...]

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May 1st

Kelcy Mae, Half Light (Independent)

Singer/songwriter Kelcy Mae has also been published as a prose writer (and OffBeat contributor), so it’s no surprise that the lyrics on her previous releases were the first thing that stood out. On this “double EP”—combining six new tracks with five from last year’s The Fire EP—her words remain remarkably well crafted, with key details [...]

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April 1st

Roxie Watson, Songs from Hell’s Hollow (Independent)

Progressive country fans tend to regard Nashville as the devil, but here’s an album that would have benefit from a little Nashville polish. The Atlanta-based Roxie Watson is more a songwriters’ collective than a band; among the five singer/writers is Sonia Tetlow, the ex-Cowboy Mouth bassist who made a terrific solo album, Own Way Home, [...]

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