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Horses & Masters of Reality

I hoped Philip Shaw’s Horses (Continuum) would help me get closer to Patti Smith’s debut album. Only “Gloria” and “Land” delivered the wild and dangerous art that her early 1970s press […]

The Sound of Percolation

Today I’m trying to get through some recent electropop CDs of one stripe or another, all of which entertain me. Sally Shapiro: Remix Romance Vol. 1 and 2 (Paper Bag): Swedish dance pop […]

Last Call for This Year’s Jazz Fest

I’ve done all the post-Fest writing I’m going to do, and our Jazz Fest wrap-up will appear in the June issue (due out later this week). But writer Larry Blumenfeld has […]

Dr. Michael White an NEA Heritage Fellow

Yesterday, traditional jazz clarinetist and educator Dr. Michael White was awarded an NEA Heritage Fellowship. He is the eighth Louisianan to receive this recognition since 2000. In 2001, Boozoo Chavis was named a […]

Chris Thomas King’s blues

I reviewed Chris Thomas King’s Live on Beale Street for our upcoming issue, and it reminded me of everything great and perplexing about King. The less he tries to seem […]

Best Band?

After seeing the New Orleans Bingo! Show twice in the last few weeks, I wonder if it isn’t the best band in town right now. I didn’t see anybody inspire a […]

Incomprehensible in All Formats

I’m entertained by Coheed and Cambria, but I have no idea what the songs are about, much less the story the collectively tell. I recently read The Amory Wars: The […]

Repudiate Everything and Waiting for Waits

I wanted to wait until I read Vanity Fair‘s Miley Cyrus piece before commenting on the furor over the Annie Leibovitz photo of her wrapped in a sheet. It’s silly […]

Block that Metaphor

The Democratic primary has proven to be an interesting study in what constitutes effective political speech, and yesterday Hillary Clinton gave us another fine example. At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, […]

Housecleaning: Reissues

CDs stack up like cord wood under the best of circumstances; going into the black hole of Jazz Fest just exacerbates the problem. Here’s a quick trip through recent reissues: […]