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We do too many obits in OffBeat these days (a function of too many people dying), and it’s lousy to read your mail first thing in the morning and find […]

The Desk

Over the course of the last month, CDs have stacked up that I think I care about – at least enough to try to say something about them. Now with […]

New Stuff

The Jazz Fest issue is done, and my soundtrack for it was LCD Soundsystem’s 45:33, Dimitri from Paris’ new mix Return to the Playboy Mansion (particularly his treatment of “Someday […]

EMP Conference notebook dump, pt. 2

The EMP Pop Conference took place last weekend in Seattle, with critics, journalists and academics delivering papers on popular music and popular culture. I was there delivering a paper titled […]

EMP Pop Conference notebook dump pt. 1

The EMP Pop Conference just concluded in Seattle, where I presented a paper, “The First Rule of Hurricanes” – notes on post-Katrina songs. The conference is an odd union of […]

The Hang

When OffBeat did its tribute to Fats Domino, C.C. Adcock and Derek Huston served as musical directors, and we put together a horn line that included Domino alumni Herbert Hardesty, […]

The Way-Back Machine

I was looking through George Wein’s autobiography Myself Among Others to see if I remember correctly that when he produced Newport Jazz Festivals, that they leaned on older jazz guys […]

The Road Not Taken

If not for Madonna’s painful need for significance, she’d make a record of dance pop as much fun as Kylie Minogue’s X.

How to Get Ink 101

A quick tip to bands that want press – make sure your Web site has a professional, high-resolution (300 dpi) photo of the band clearly marked on it, complete with […]

A Perfect Length

I’m currently in strong like with Earth, Roots and Water’s imminently pleasant Innocent Youths (Light in the Attic). I don’t think I’d like this reggae album from Toronto’s Summer Records […]