Buns for Bingham

This weekend, I was hanging out at Piety Street studios with a Swedish band I used to listen to in high school, Bo Kaspers Orkester. I had no idea they were still around. They’re here in New Orleans to record their twelfth or thirteenth album and I just happened to be baking Swedish cinnamon buns when I found out. “We’re zombies,” said Bingham, who’d gone out celebrating with them the night before. The difference between Swedish nice-ness and general zombie-ness is often lost on me, though, so I couldn’t really tell. Bo Kaspers Orkester specialize in nice and reasonable jazz pop, with lyrics full of sand, sun and waiting around. It goes well with coffee—more so than wine. And cinnamon buns, as it turns out. Nice Swedish boys said thank you, thank you, thank you for the dozen, and then I went home, remembering something I’d read about cinnamon buns and their effect on Swedish men and real estate sales. When realtors have open houses in Sweden, they bake (or bake off) cinnamon buns before potential buyers arrive—and the sale price goes up about 10 percent. A study on Swedish men some years ago looked at which smells they found the most arousing. Guess? Cinnamon buns came in as number one. So it could have been an interesting afternoon, if we hadn’t all been so very, very, very nice.