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The DUKES of Dixieland: A New Take on a New Orleans Institution

On any given night, a festive crowd will find its way to the Mississippi River and aboard the Steamboat Natchez, where the DUKES of Dixieland play an early-evening cruise, seven nights a week. Maybe they’ve come to witness a living piece of New Orleans music history, or maybe they just want to tell their grandkids [...]

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The Dukes of Dixieland: The Assuntos Start a Musical Legacy

Anniversaries aren’t always happy affairs and this one has more than its share of melancholy. Forty years ago, on February 25, 1974, Frank Assunto, New Orleans trumpet player and leader of the Dukes of Dixieland, died of a heart attack at the untimely age of 42. Frank’s older brother, trombone player Freddie Assunto, died a [...]

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Donald Harrison, tail feathers, photo, Elsa Hahne, Golden Richard III, OffBeat Magazine, March 2014

Two-Way-Pocky-Way: Big Chief Donald Harrison, Jr.

Two things have surrounded saxophonist Donald Harrison, Jr. throughout his life—jazz and the Mardi Gras Indian tradition. The son of the Guardians of the Flames’ Big Chief Donald Harrison, Sr., who was also a knowledgeable jazz fan, he grew up with jazz music and Black Indian rhythms in the air. Harrison reigns supreme in both [...]

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Hurray for the Riff Raff, photo, Joshua Shoemaker, OffBeat Magazine, February 2014

Radio Zeitgeist: Hurray for the Riff Raff’s Alynda Lee Segarra

They call themselves travelers. Teenagers on the run from a dead-end life in Orwellian America, they hop freight trains searching for the only freedom left to them, taking off for anywhere-but-here and building new communities on the road. They are this generation’s version of Woody Guthrie’s Depression-scattered hoboes, of Bob Dylan’s antiwar dropouts. They congregate [...]

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Cyril Neville, profile, photo, Elsa Hahne, Golden Richard III

Cyril Neville: Lifetime Achievement in Music Award Honoree

Cyril Neville was born in 1948, the youngest brother in what has long been considered the first family of New Orleans music, the Nevilles. For many years his genius was occluded by the extremely large shadow of his older brothers Art, Charles and Aaron, but in the long run Cyril’s role as little brother gave [...]

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Wendell Pierce, Trixie Minx, photo, Elsa Hahne, Christmas, OffBeat Magazine, December 2013

Wendell Pierce of HBO’s Treme and New Orleans’ Joshua Generation

David Simon and Eric Overmyer’s HBO series Treme took docudrama well past its previous boundaries, blurring the distinctions between the actual historical figures that populated the narrative and the fictional characters who were based on real New Orleanians. Wendell Pierce, as the character Antoine Batiste, was at the vortex of this swiftly moving cultural identity [...]

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Glen David Andrews, zombies, photo, Elsa Hahne, Golden Richard III, OffBeat Magazine, November, 2013

Premature Burial: Glen David Andrews’ Journey Back From the Dead

Ten years from now Where will I be? Will I be shining like a star Bright as the eye can see? Or will I can be kicking the breeze Hanging on St. Philip Street? —Glen David Andrews, “Knock with Me, Rock with Me” Glen David Andrews was feeling no pain on a beautiful autumn evening [...]

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James Booker, Tipitina's, photo, Jim Scheurich, OffBeat Magazine, October 2013

Why Does James Booker Matter?

With increasing frequency, the life, music, and mystique of pianist James Booker are asserting their presence again in our consciousness. Never far from the surface, Booker’s keyboard prowess and legendary character is churning the rapids and re-directing the currents in the vast river that is the culture and music of New Orleans. The 30th anniversary [...]

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Royal Teeth, glitter, photo Elsa Hahne, Golden Richard III

Royal Teeth: Ready for the World

Life is about to get interesting for Royal Teeth. The Lafayette-rooted band has built a national foothold in record time, landing TV-commercial and videogame placement barely two years after forming. As a band dealing in effervescent pop, with a photogenic male/female frontline, they’ve easily stood out from the local crowd; they jumped right to the [...]

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Leroy Jones, spread, photo, Elsa Hahne, Golden Richard III

Leroy Jones: Blowing Up a Storm

More often than not, when he’s playing at home in New Orleans, Leroy Jones throws his horn over his shoulders, tosses his music books and CDs into his cruiser basket, and crosses Rampart Street into the French Quarter. And more often than not, his wife, trombonist Katja Toivola, is on the bicycle in front of [...]

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