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Susan Spicer, Photo by Elsa Hahne, OffBeat Magazine, November 2014

Artisan Bread in New Orleans Finally Gets an Attitude

If it wasn’t for the white delivery van parked out front of the old Capt. Sal’s Seafood building on Toledano Street and for the wonderful smell wafting down Washington Avenue out of the locked gate on the other side, you’d never know Bellegarde Bakery was here. This is not a café or a retail store. [...]

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Voodoo Music Fest, Illustration by L Steve Williams, OffBeat Magazine, November 2014

Voodoo Fest Schedule Conflicts: Who are You Going to See?

There are three stages at the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience and each one has a stacked schedule. Though the good folks who manage the event did their best to stagger start times, performances will overlap. Here’s a list of some of those scheduling conflicts and a suggestion for what to choose. Don’t worry—you can [...]

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Benjamin Booker, Photo by Erika Goldring, OffBeat Magazine, November 2014

Benjamin Booker’s Invigorating Palette Returns to New Orleans

Pop culture tends to have a romantic notion of the diligent solo artist toiling away at his or her art in tragic, typically substance-fueled solitude. Relatively recent New Orleans transplant Benjamin Booker flirted with this narrative himself, recording his acoustic debut EP Waiting Ones alone in his parents’ Florida home. However, Booker was exposed to [...]

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Honey Island Swamp Band, Death Star, Photo by Omar Berrios, OffBeat Magazine, November 2014

On Tour in the Death Star with Honey Island Swamp Band

It’s the middle of the night somewhere in West Texas, and the members of the Honey Island Swamp Band haven’t slept a wink. They stagger out of the black 1980 Prevost tour bus they have affectionately named the “Death Star” to a line of fueling pumps at a nondescript 24-hour gas station.Amid much eye rubbing [...]

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Davis Rogan, Photo by Rick Olivier, OffBeat Magazine, November 2014

Davis Rogan is Still Raw and Funky Without the Chaos

It’s the day of Cosimo Matassa’s funeral, and Davis Rogan and I are sitting in the kitchen of Esplanade Studios eating his wife’s cookies and talking up his new record that is being recorded upstairs. “Kind of fitting that I’m missing Cos’ funeral because I’m recording an album,” he says. “He’d like that. I mean, [...]

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Dumpstaphunk, Photo byJim Mimma, OffBeat Magazine, November 2014

Dumpstaphunk’s All-Native New Orleans Lineup

The effect of landing the right drummer in the right band at the right time cannot be underestimated. When Virginia-born, New York-based drummer Nikki Glaspie joined New Orleans funk powerhouse Dumpstaphunk in 2011, she energized and galvanized the band after the departure of founding drummer Raymond Weber. After Glaspie left Dumpstaphunk earlier this year to [...]

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Sudan Social Aid and Pleasure Club, Photo by Kim Welsh, OffBeat Magazine, November 2014

Sudan Social Aid and Pleasure Club Dances for Peace

When the Sudan Social Aid & Pleasure Club jumps out of the doors of the Treme Center, all eyes excitedly turn to the members’ striking attire and accessories. The organization, founded in 1983 and set to roll on November 9 for its 31st anniversary parade, is noted for its beautifully decorated and imaginative fans, baskets, [...]

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Art Neville, Photo by Kate Gegenheimer, OffBeat Magazine, November 2014

Cha Dooky Do: A Tribute to The Music of Art Neville

Four years ago, Uptown resident Doug Grego’s annual Bacchus party turned into something much more than just another bash along the parade route when his neighbor from across the street sat in with his friend’s band for about 45 minutes. The neighbor was Art Neville, the band was Juice, and Juice drummer Aron Lambert was [...]

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New Orleans Suspects, photo by Jerry Moran, OffBeat Magazine, October 2014

New Orleans Suspects are the Oldest New Band

For those not hip to Greek mythology, the Ouroboros is a serpent that swallows its own tail, an emblem of infinity and the circularity of life. This struck the New Orleans Suspects as an appropriate title for their new album, and an apt symbol for the band itself. “Man, nothing really defines so well who [...]

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Meshell Ndegeocello, OffBeat Magazine, October 2014

Ten Questions with Meshell Ndegeocello

She’s back. Meshell Ndegeocello, the enchanting empress of neo-soul, has spent decades stirring together soul and funk, sex, politics and religion, jazz, R&B and rap into a career that places her in a genre all her own. Ndegeocello’s latest journey has resulted in Comet Come to Me, an emotional storm. I was introduced to Ndegeocello [...]

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