Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL is May 16-18, 2014 -
Sammy Rimington, photo, OffBeat Magazine, May 2014

Fest Focus 2014: Sammy Rimington

Traditional jazz is by nature passed on through the age by torchbearers. Without the torchbearers, the music would cease to be. It would stagnate into a formula of recreation. ODJB, King Oliver, Kid Ory, the Creole Band, and Sidney Bechet are of the first wave of musicians to bring New Orleans jazz to the world. [...]

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Jason Isbell photo, Michael Wilson, OffBeat Magazine, May 2014

Fest Focus 2014: Jason Isbell

Few people in the music business pull off the triple threat of being a great singer, a killer guitarist, and an incisive songwriter better than Jason Isbell. In this current era of ever-growing spectacle and volume (both literal and figurative), it is reassuring to know that talent and great songwriting still has a place. Isbell’s [...]

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Jazz Fest Food by the Numbers, infographic, Elsa Hahne, OffBeat Magazine, May 2014

Jazz Fest Food by the Numbers

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival draws thousands of visitors to its Food Fair each year with its extensive menu of sweet, succulent Louisiana cuisine. While Cajun connoisseurs snack on cracklins and most of us try to beat the heat with mango freezes, it’s easy to overlook the enormous resources the 61 food vendors pool [...]

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The Gloryoskis, OffBeat Magazine, May 2014

Fest Focus 2014: The Gloryoskis!

When it comes to musical collaborations, one might think that a combination of the avant-garde and French leanings of Helen Gillet, the tricky folk of Myshkin, and the more popular/jazz orientation of Debbie Davis would sound like three-day-old shrimp heads and the summer sun. Really, it mixes like crawfish and Zatarain’s, a slow burn that [...]

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Phillip Manuel, OffBeat Magazine, May 2014

Fest Focus 2014: Phillip Manuel

As a singer and a musical artist, Phillip Manuel is always looking for something new to offer an audience. So as the 2014 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival approached, he had an idea. “Somewhere along the way,” he recalls, “I heard that February 7th this year was the 50th anniversary of the Beatles landing [...]

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Gregory Porter, OffBeat Magazine, May 2014

Fest Focus 2014: Gregory Porter

No male jazz singer has elicited more attention recently than Gregory Porter, who, since his 2010 debut, Water, has consistently been hailed as the best new voice in the genre. In February—after earning multiple jazz and R&B Grammy nominations over the course of three releases—he snagged the award for best jazz vocal album with Liquid [...]

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Luke Winslow King, photo, Akasha Rabut, OffBeat Magazine, May 2014

Fest Focus 2014: Luke Winslow King

Given his interests and experiences, it is no wonder that Luke Winslow King’s music combines much of the music of New Orleans. In an interview after his return from South by Southwest, Winslow King remembers, “I studied jazz when I was young. I studied classical music at UNO, and I liked Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy [...]

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Lil'Nathan, OffBeat Magazine, May 2014

Fest Focus 2014: Lil’ Nathan & the Zydeco Big Timers

Several years ago, Nathan Williams stood at a crossroads of sorts, forced to chose between football and music. After a successful high-school football career that culminated as district champions his senior year, Williams thought he wanted to play college football and pursue his music education at University of Louisiana-Lafayette. But after realizing what both endeavors [...]

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Clive Wilson, OffBeat Magazine, May 2014

Fest Focus 2014: Clive Wilson

New Orleans music is a siren call for players from all over the world. Trumpeter Clive Wilson emigrated here from England to immerse himself in the Black American ethos at a time when New Orleans was struggling to overcome entrenched racial hostility. Before the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it was illegal for blacks and [...]

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Chegedao, photo, Aline De Souza, OffBeat Magazine, May 2014

Fest Focus 2014: Chegadão

Most North American musicians, if they play Brazilian music at all, dabble with the bossa nova of Antonio Carlos Jobim and don’t dig much deeper. It takes something special, a propitious incident, to take things further. Chegadão bandleader Scott Myers was born in Toluca, Mexico, where his father had a bassoonist gig with a local [...]

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