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Louis Michot, Elsa Hahne, OffBeat Magazine, July 2014

Louis Michot Balances Bayou Teche Brewing With the Lost Bayou Ramblers

Lost Bayou Ramblers member and Bayou Teche Brewing staffer Louis Michot looks out into the crowd gathered for his side project, Soul Creole, at Lafayette’s Festival International. “Hey, can someone get us some beer?” he calls. “Preferably some Bayoust from Bayou Teche Brewing.” Luckily the owner of the brewery, Karlos Knott, is in the crowd [...]

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Bonsoir Catin, Greg Miles, OffBeat Magazine, July 2014

Bonsoir, Catin Plays Cajun Music Their Way

When the four dynamic, multi-talented women who formed Bonsoir, Catin in 2004 first came together, their main goal was simply sustaining the pleasure of playing music with like-minded souls. That spark was ignited when Kristi Guillory—folklorist, songwriter, virtuoso accordionist and the band’s frontwoman—attended a weeklong, annual event—the Dewey Balfa Cajun and Creole Heritage Week—featuring music [...]

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Zydeco Dancers, Jazz Fest 2014, photo, Willow Haley, OffBeat Magazine, June 2014

Beauty and Diversity: Celebrating Jazz Fest 2014

Celebrating Jazz Fest 2014 made all the better with delightful weather. By Frank Etheridge, Jon Garelick, David Kunian, Stephen Maloney, Brett Milano, Clea Simon, John Swenson, Dan Willging and Geraldine Wyckoff. Take a look back at what made Jazz Fest 2014 so special, from the perspective of OffBeat’s krewe of writers, reviewers and photographers.   [...]

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Funk Infographic, Elsa Hahne, OffBeat Magazine, June 2014

George Porter Jr. Defines Funk

When the Meters were formed in New Orleans in 1965, with crooner Art Neville as their frontman (who had already been performing solo since the mid-’50s), guitarist Leo Nocentelli, bassist George Porter, Jr., and drummer Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste, the genre of funk had not yet been classified. The term “funky” in a musical sense was [...]

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Bruce Daigrepont, photo, Zack Smith, OffBeat Magazine, June 2014

Bruce Daigrepont: A Cajun in New Orleans

Not many people can single-handedly take credit for popularizing a genre but Bruce Daigrepont rightfully can for introducing Cajun music and dance to New Orleans’ non-Cajun, “hippified” contingent in the ’80s. A by-product of a Cajun French-speaking family who migrated from Avoyelles Parrish to the city, Daigrepont grew up playing guitar and banjo. It wasn’t [...]

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John Gros, Jazz Fest 2014, photo, Kim Welsh, OffBeat Magazine, June 2014

Papa Grows in a New Direction: John “Papa” Gros Finds Balance

In the year since Papa Grows Funk disbanded, John “Papa” Gros has managed to find something that eludes most working musicians: balance. “I’m able to work enough,” he says. “I’m able to spend enough time with my family, spend time with my friends, spend time on me. I’m as close to balanced as I’ve ever [...]

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Sammy Rimington, photo, OffBeat Magazine, May 2014

Fest Focus 2014: Sammy Rimington

Traditional jazz is by nature passed on through the age by torchbearers. Without the torchbearers, the music would cease to be. It would stagnate into a formula of recreation. ODJB, King Oliver, Kid Ory, the Creole Band, and Sidney Bechet are of the first wave of musicians to bring New Orleans jazz to the world. [...]

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Jason Isbell photo, Michael Wilson, OffBeat Magazine, May 2014

Fest Focus 2014: Jason Isbell

Few people in the music business pull off the triple threat of being a great singer, a killer guitarist, and an incisive songwriter better than Jason Isbell. In this current era of ever-growing spectacle and volume (both literal and figurative), it is reassuring to know that talent and great songwriting still has a place. Isbell’s [...]

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Jazz Fest Infographic, Elsa Hahne, OffBeat Magazine, May 2014

Jazz Fest Food by the Numbers

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival draws thousands of visitors to its Food Fair each year with its extensive menu of sweet, succulent Louisiana cuisine. While Cajun connoisseurs snack on cracklins and most of us try to beat the heat with mango freezes, it’s easy to overlook the enormous resources the 61 food vendors pool [...]

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The Gloryoskis, OffBeat Magazine, May 2014

Fest Focus 2014: The Gloryoskis!

When it comes to musical collaborations, one might think that a combination of the avant-garde and French leanings of Helen Gillet, the tricky folk of Myshkin, and the more popular/jazz orientation of Debbie Davis would sound like three-day-old shrimp heads and the summer sun. Really, it mixes like crawfish and Zatarain’s, a slow burn that [...]

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