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Blake Amos, Frank Etheridge, OffBeat Magazine, August 2014

My Music: Blake Amos

Saudade means longing, melancholy. Like, I have saudade for those old days on Frenchmen Street, back when it was this mixed, easy scene with this bohemian vibe. Or, I have saudade for an old girlfriend. Which I think fits New Orleans, too. New Orleans is a kind of happy-sad feeling. I’m very much that way [...]

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What a Wonderful World, Album, OffBeat Magazine, August 2014

Top 10 Versions of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”

  Love it or not, “What a Wonderful World” is fated to be Louis Armstrong’s best-known recording, and there’s bound to be a handful of versions performed at Satchmo SummerFest this year. The recent Dr. John version is only the latest in a long line of recorded covers. Here (in reverse chronological order) are a [...]

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Philadelphia Gets a Dose of Zydeco Through the “Zydeco Crossroads” Program

Philadelphia, a city known for ’70s soul and other classic sounds, is now welcoming a groove from where crawfish got soul—zydeco. In June, Philadelphia public-radio station WXPN announced “Zydeco Crossroads”—a 15-month project presenting south Louisiana’s accordion dance music through a series of concerts, educational events and a new documentary film by producer Robert Mugge, whose [...]

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NOLA Bulls, Running of the Bulls, OffBeat Magazine, July 2014

The NOLA Bulls Roll Through for San Fermin in Nueva Orleans

It’s not often that New Orleans draws comparisons to the quaint medieval cities that dot the Pyrenees Mountains, but that changes for one weekend each July as thousands of people flock to the Crescent City to celebrate one of the newest festivals to grace the New Orleans calendar—San Fermin in Nueva Orleans. Also known as [...]

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Big Sam Williams, Elsa Hahne, OffBeat Magazine, July 2014

It’s Five Somewhere: Big Sam Williams

Tell me a little bit about your new record, Evolution. I’m really happy with the way the album came out. It brought me in a direction that I’ve been looking to go in. A lot of people think that Big Sam’s Funky Nation is a brass band, and that’s not necessarily the case. My background [...]

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Grayson Capps, Chad Edwards, OffBeat Magazine, July 2014

My Music: Grayson Capps

“Willie Sugarcapps came about as a result of everybody just saying yes, as opposed to, you know, the ol’ just-say-no thing. Nobody said anything like, ‘You do this here’ or ‘You do that there.’ When we got together, the full spectrum of making music came together just naturally. We’re all used to being the front-person [...]

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Kid Ory Band, OffBeat Magazine, July 2014

Keeping Time at the Louisiana State Museum’s Jazz Collection

Once a key feature of the Old U.S. Mint’s exhibition space, the Louisiana State Museum’s internationally renowned Jazz Collection sustained damage during Hurricane Katrina. It was the exhibit’s partial destruction, however, that inspired plans for a much more comprehensive presentation of the museum’s music-related holdings. “We thought, ‘Do we replace it and make it only [...]

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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation Launches Catapult Fund

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation, Jazz Fest’s non-profit arm, looks to expand and enhance its tradition of locally awarded community-partnership grants with two new initiatives that foster new funding opportunities and business-development training for area arts educators and arts entrepreneurs. The broad umbrella of “arts entrepreneurs” covers small businesses and sole proprietorships working [...]

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Tales of the Cocktail, OffBeat Magazine, July 2014

Tales of the Cocktail 2014 Stirs up a Good Time

Do you need a good drink? That’s one thing this year’s edition of Tales of the Cocktail has in spades. The annual event will take over bars, clubs, restaurants, and pretty much every drinking establishment in the French Quarter and downtown area from July 16-20. If you’re a bartender, if you own a bar, or [...]

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Top Selling Albums During Jazz Fest 2014

LOUISIANA MUSIC FACTORY 1. Rebirth Brass Band: Move Your Body (Basin Street) 2. Eric Lindell and Co.: Indian Summer (Ind.) 3. Glen David Andrews: Redemption (Louisiana Red Hot Records) 4. Trombone Shorty: Say That To Say This (Verve) 5. Stanton Moore: Conversations (Royal Potato Family) 6. John Mooney: Son & Moon (Fatback) 7. Aurora Nealand [...]

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