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Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers

Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers Turn the All-Ways Lounge into Heartbreak Hotel

You don’t need to know who Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers are to have a good time at a Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers show. You don’t even need to know the group’s front woman Aurora Nealand, a multi-talented singer and musician and rising star in the New Orleans music community. What you [...]

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Republic New Orleans on Friday night, June 8, 2012. Photo by Ryan Theriot.

G-Eazy at Republic: Two Views From the Crowd

It’s true. G-Eazy (government name: Gerald Gillum), is as suave on stage as he is in the charming storylines of his music videos. The recent Loyola University graduate, now full-time rapper (and producer and graphic designer and…) played up his pretty-boy charm on stage Friday night at Republic for a Sandlot-themed “Throwback” night, a going [...]

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Beats Antique's Zoe Jakes at the House of Blues, by Elle Maloney

Concert Review: Beats Antique Bring Spectacle and Energy

Saturday night, Beats Antique took the stage at the House of Blues bringing together an entertaining mixture of belly dancing paired with tribal beats. The Oakland-based trio lured in the jam-packed dance floor with their fusion of world music, jazz, hip-hip, and dubstep that has a a Middle Eastern sound. David Satori (guitar, saz, viola, [...]

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Girl Talk at House of Blues on January 10, 2011. Photo by Joshua Brasted.

I Love the ’80s (Minus VH-1)

If I were cynical, I’d wonder if Girl Talk’s mash-ups were designed to rehab the hits of the ’80s. At House of Blues last night, the ’80s kept on coming—New Order, INXS, Flock of Seagulls, even Michael Jackson and Bon Jovi—most of them given a contemporary edge and a hint of nastiness as all stripes [...]

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feb 10 news bte review

Live Review: Better Than Ezra at the House of Blues

It’s almost a week after the 44th annual Super Bowl and the Saints have won. The crowd stands anxiously in a dark room chanting “Who Dat?” Shadows move across the stage and a spotlight focuses on a man dressed in an elaborate mask and boa while sitting at a drum set. In three, two, one he starts a beat, [...]

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Concert Review: Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has had a rough 2009. He has a weapons charge to which he has plea bargained down to one year of jail time, and despite the near-universal acclaim of Tha Carter III, the leaked tracks and advance singles from his oft-rescheduled “rock” album, Rebirth, have yet to find much love. He did release [...]

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Live Review: The Flaming Lips at Voodoo, Take Two

[Earlier in the week, we published Lauren Noel's review of the Flaming Lips' November 1 show at Voodoo. Our Kathleen McCann had a different take on it.] I can’t say that when you’ve seen one Flaming Lips show, you’ve seen them all, because the band puts on a better show than any other festival performer [...]

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Live Review: The Flaming Lips at Voodoo November 1, 2009

You could definitely tell it was the last day of a packed Voodoo weekend. No matter how hard Wayne Coyne tried, the rarely worn-out New Orleans crowd was tired. As a performer who feeds off the energy of his crowds, Coyne seemed almost desperate for the audience to wake up. Despite the quiet crowd, the [...]

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Live Review: Star Wars: In Concert October 27, 2009

For a girl who geeks out regularly, the night of October 27 was one to remember—the “Star Wars: Live in Concert” tour made its stop in New Orleans, complete with everything needed to bring John Williams’ scores and the entire franchise to life. Greeted by a display of Star Wars memorabilia from George Lucas’ collection, [...]

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Live Review: N.E.R.D. and Mickey Facts

Over the past decade, Pharrell Williams and the Neptunes have helped to craft the sound of modern music, working with artists such as Jay-Z and Gwen Stefani, but some may still be unaware of the unit’s heavy rock ‘n’ roll persona. New Orleans residents got a taste of it during their recent performance on the Heineken [...]

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