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Kebab, Photo by Renee Bienvenu, OffBeat Magazine, October 2014

Dining Out: Kebab

Those fortunate enough to have traveled abroad during their youthful years will likely recall an inebriated escapade in foreign lands when they first stumbled upon a nondescript storefront prominently displaying a vertical rotisserie in the window. Mine was in the summer of 2007 in Lyon, France, one late Tuesday night after a Rolling Stones concert. [...]

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The Big Shot, Photo by Elsa Hahne, OffBeat Magazine, October 2014

In the Spirit With Chris Benton of Le Foret

“I’ve worked in the restaurant industry for the last 15 years. I kind of fibbed my way into my first bartending job, pretending I had a little more experience than I did. I lived all over the place, moved to New Orleans in 2002, and got my first job here at Broussard’s restaurant. I worked [...]

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Traceys, Renee Bienvenu, OffBeat Magazine, September 2014

Dining Out: Tracy’s

Many a city describes itself as a “drinking town with a football problem,” but few embody that description better than New Orleans in the fall. Whether it’s a liquid lunch on Friday while donning your best black-and-gold attire, cheering on the Tigers with cold beer on Saturdays, or mixing up bloody Marys before a Saints [...]

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Shannon Powell, cocktail, Elsa Hahne, OffBeat Magazine, September 2014

In the Spirit: Murf Reeves at Erin Rose

I started out as a bouncer in Boston. The first question they asked me was, ‘Can you handle yourself in a fight?’ The main clientele was blacks and skinheads. They all liked playing pool and they all liked Toots and the Maytals—they just didn’t like each other. This was the late ’90s. When I moved [...]

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Pho Cam Ly, Scott Gold, OffBeat Magazine, September 2014

Vietnamese Cuisine in the Big Easy

The Vietnamese population in New Orleans has been growing steadily since the 1970s, and with it, so too has Vietnamese cuisine. Where years ago eager East Bankers hungry for an authentic bowl of pho, a banh mi sandwich or plate of com tam would have to trek across the Mississippi River and into the vast [...]

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Phillip Lopez, Elsa Hahne, OffBeat Magazine, September 2014

Phillip Lopez Gets to the Root of Things

When you take one of the 16 reservation-only seats at Square Root, you won’t see knives or drops of sweat flying through the air. You won’t hear vegetables being slaughtered, no screams for increased speed, no guttural belly laughs or congratulatory back slaps. It’s eerily quiet, apart from the restaurant’s background soundtrack, which includes both [...]

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Carrollton Market, Pork Belly, Renee Bienvenu, OffBeat Magazine, September 2014

Carrollton Market is Goodenough

If it’s true that less is more, the simple, modern approach to fine dining on display at Carrollton Market will come as a welcome addition to the new generation of establishments opening around the city. In marrying both the contemporary and the classic, Carrollton Market has started to make a name for itself in a [...]

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Sucre, Renee Bienvenu, OffBeat Magazine, August 2014

Dining Out: Sucré

Comfort and guilt. According to Pastry Chef Tariq Hanna, indulging in a sweet treat satisfies those two basic human emotions like no French fry can. So it’s no wonder that every summer evening, kids ages one to 92 flock to Sucré, Hanna and Joel Dondis’ sweets boutique on Magazine Street and at Lakeside Mall, for [...]

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In the Spirit, Rihannon Enlil, Elsa Hahne, OffBeat Magazine, August 2014

In the Spirit: Rhiannon Enlil of Cure

I like playing with weird ingredients. I’m a huge fan of taking simple, classic and elegant drinks and flipping them inside out. This is essentially a Sazerac, but I split the whiskey with pine liqueur and I even split the whiskey into two different types of whiskey, one from Tennessee and one from Kentucky. My [...]

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NOLA Smokehouse, Renee Bienvenu, OffBeat Magazine, July 2014

Dining Out: NOLA Smokehouse

As millions of Americans fire up their backyard grills this month in commemoration of our nation’s independence, New Orleans celebrates a multi-year surge in the number of local eateries specializing in what some consider America’s only indigenous cuisine: barbecue. What was once a glaring omission in the city’s otherwise wide-ranging culinary community now features a [...]

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