Linnzi Zaorski's Summer Spaghetti, photo, Elsa Hahne

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with Jazz Singer Linnzi Zaorski

“I bought this place [in Bush, Louisiana] at the end of October. My boyfriend has an organic farm near here and we deliver vegetables to restaurants in New Orleans—Maurepas, Mariza and Brigtsen’s. Right now, we’re mainly harvesting tomatoes, squash and okra. Do you want me to give you a tour of the garden? These are [...]

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Gerald French, The Gravy, photo, Elsa Hahne

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with Drummer Gerald French

“There are many cooking traditions in my family. Everybody plays music, and everybody cooks. My grandmother was the matriarch, she was the head chef. Also, her mother before her, both very good cooks. George French is my dad, Bob French is my uncle and Papa French was my grandfather. Also, you had Morris French who [...]

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Dr. John, The Gravy, Elsa Hahne, photo, Jazz Fest

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with Dr. John

“We [musicians] all kind of got stuck in this thing, in cooking, because we like certain things. I used to sit on the back of the band bus and we’d be talking about how we liked this and that cooked this and that way. We used to sit on the back of the bus and [...]

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Chef Paul Artigues, photo, Elsa Hahne

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with Drummer and Green Goddess Chef Paul Artigues

“I grew up in New Orleans. In school, I was always playing, and when I got home from school; music was always something I wanted to do. With cooking, I sort of cook all the time, I play music all the time; it’s a passion. It’s my whole life. I play drums with Die Rotzz, [...]

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Jean Knight, The Gravy, Elsa Hahne, photo

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with R&B Singer Jean Knight

“When I was working at Loyola University I used to bake pies and cakes and all that, and then I worked at Tulane and Dominican all-girl college, Dillard. I worked at all these universities, Xavier, I worked at all of them. When I went to Loyola University, I went there as a dish washer, and [...]

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Cheeky Balkk, Elsa Hahne, photo, ribs

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with Bounce Rapper Cheeky Blakk

“I learned to cook from my dad, I had three dads. I learned to cook also from my aunt and my grandmothers, but mainly my dad. I grew up learning how to cook different dishes, like the red beans and rice, the turkey necks, and my dad did more of the spicy stuff, like crawfish [...]

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Bethany Bultman, New Orleans Musicians' Clinic, Elsa Hahne photo

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic’s Bethany Bultman

“I love to cook, and my family’s pecan pie recipe is to die for. I have four friends around the country who, whenever a Louisiana musician comes through their town to play, they make my pecan pie and bring it to the gig. And I’ve never written my absinthe oyster stew recipe down, but I [...]

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Cindy Scott, The Gravy, Elsa Hahne photo

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with Jazz Singer Cindy Scott

I like to cook. If I choose to cook, I try to make it very big. Today, I’m cooking cream of poblano pepper soup that I learned how to make in Mexico when I was on tour there. It’s become one of my signature dishes because it’s just delicious. I go to Mexico once or [...]

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Vance Vaucresson, Sausage King, Alligator, Elsa Hahne photo

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with Sausage King Vance Vaucresson

“We have a lot of people [in New Orleans] who, on a regular basis, cook very good food — wonderful food — within the Creole cooking tradition, and that’s the tradition I know. This port, New Orleans, which so much came from — you had the West Indian and Caribbean influences, the African influences, the [...]

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Randy Fertel Cooking Photo by Elsa Hahne

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with Author Randy Fertel

“I guess it’s a good sign that I don’t know how to use my defroster [standing at the microwave]. Hm, this doesn’t smell good. Oh! There’s metal in here! That was stupid. I’m going to burn down my house — now that will really make for a good interview [laughs]. Yesterday, I happened to be [...]

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