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Orlando Vega, OffBeat Magazine, July 2014

The Spot: Orlando Vega at Willie Mae’s Scotch House

What did you order today? I ordered the America’s Best Fried Chicken Plate, three pieces of incredible fried chicken with a side of macaroni and cheese.   Do you come here often? How often? I come here every night in my dreams, but have to physically restrict myself to once every couple of months. Why? [...]

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(Photo by: Carly Levenshon)

Travers Geoffray of Mississippi Rail Company Hits the Spot at Cochon Butcher

What do you like about Cochon Butcher? I love this place because of the meat, being completely surrounded by meat. It’s pretty much all music and meat for me!   What did you order today? I ordered the pastrami sandwich and a side of mac and cheese.   Do you eat here often? I eat [...]

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Rotary Downs, Zack Smith, photo, Carly Levenshon, OffBeat Magazine, November, 2013

Rotary Downs Drummer Zack Smith Hits the Spot at Canal Street Bistro

Why do you like Canal St. Bistro? I like this spot because of its consistent creative menu and great fresh-squeezed juice combos. They have great breakfast and lunch choices, and the location is in Mid-City, right in the middle.   What do you usually eat here? I order the quinoa and black bean salad, and [...]

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Jeff Albert, photo, Caitlyn Ridenour, OffBeat Magazine, October 2013

Trombonist Jeff Albert Hits the Spot at Five Happiness

What do you usually order? When I come at night I almost always get the General’s Chicken, and I usually get the Crab Rangoons. At lunch, I mix it up a little because they don’t have a General’s Chicken lunch special, so I force myself to branch out a bit.   Do you remember your [...]

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Sam Craft, The Spot, photo Caitlyn Ridenour

Alexis and the Samurai and Sweet Crude’s Sam Craft Hits the Spot at Shortall’s BBQ

What did you order today? I ordered the brisket, but the chicken is amazing—I believe it’s smoked and grilled. It’s our favorite barbecue in town, and I’m including everyone’s favorite barbecue. It beats the Joint and it beats Voodoo, and that’s not just because it’s stumbling distance from my house.   When do you come [...]

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Stephanie Nilles, Borracho, photo, Elsa Hahne

Stephanie Nilles Hits the Spot at Borracho

How often do you come here? I come here a lot. A friend of mine and I decided there should be a sign up front that says “adequate, convenient, open.” The last time I came here I came with a gentleman friend and we got into a fake bar fight, and there were a couple [...]

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Khris Royal, photo, Sierra Hudson

Khris Royal Hits the Spot at Juan’s Flying Burrito

What did you order today? I asked if I could make up something and the waitress said of course, so I ordered the Western [burrito] wet, super. With chicken.   What makes it Western? The fajita peppers. This is the bomb, yo. I’ve had the wet burrito a million times, but never with the fajita [...]

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Heat Dust, Milk Bar, photo, Caitlyn Ridenour

Jasper Denhartigh and Clayton Hunt of Heat Dust Hit the Spot at the Milk Bar

What did you order today? CH: I got the Cattle Fodder. It looks like we’ve got cream cheese, roasted red pepper, avocado, tomato, pear, sautéed mushrooms and alfalfa sprouts.   But there’s no beef on it, why is it called that? CH: I think it’s ‘cause cows are vegetarians; there’s a few witty little things, [...]

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Shamarr Allen, Katie's, restaurant, photo, Caitlyn Ridenour

Shamarr Allen Hits the Spot at Katie’s

Why did you choose to come to Katie’s today? I love the food, man, the food is great. You can get a home-cooked meal, or a po-boy.   They have a lot of specials, do you ever try them? When I don’t know what to eat, I’ll try one of the specials.   Is there [...]

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Dave Shaw, The Revivalists, photo, Carly Levenshon

The Revivalists’ Dave Shaw Hits the Spot at Magasin

What are you eating? Hmmm… I usually order the filet mignon noodle bowl with a fried egg, but lately I’ve been all about the grilled pork. :) How often do you come? Two to three times a week when I’m home. What do you like the most about Magasin? The food is always fresh and [...]

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