Credit Where Credit’s Due

In one of my posts about Kidd Jordan, I wrote that none of the city’s cultural organizations besides Anxious Sound had paid proper attention to Jordan. Cree McCree reminded me recently of a note she contributed to our Jazz Fest wrap-up that called for an Anxious Sound showcase at Jazz Fest, much like the Ponderosa Stomp showcase this year. I second that emotion. Jazz Fest has booked Jordan many times, but it rarely puts him in a sympathetic setting, instead sandwiching him between acts that emphasize his out-ness. It would be nice to have Rob Cambre curate at least part of a day and present cutting edge jazz and improvised music in contexts that help listeners understand it and Jordan.

  • Cree McCree

    Hey, thanks Alex. I just discovered this post a month after the fact, and appreciate your seconding my emotion.