Curren$y and Lil Wayne: The Race is On

Who can release the most music the fastest? Curren$y, a one-time protege of Lil Wayne, is as prolific as Weezy these days and releases tracks about as quickly. His Weekend at Burnie‘s “commercial mixtape” is due out on Warner Bros. June 28, but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing another track, “This is the Life.”

Curren$y – “This Is The Life” by CurrenSy

Pitchfork reports that a sync-up akin to the one between The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon has been planned between Spitta’s new release and 1989’s Weekend at Bernie’s, the movie that inspired its title. has a download link for Lil Wayne’s “Dear Anne (Stan Pt. 2),” a riff on Eminem’s song fan-out-of-control song, “Stan.” The track was produced by Swizz Beatz, but it’s not slated for inclusion on Tha Carter IV, due out August 29. The track’s pretty interesting for anyone who followed the comments on Lil Wayne’s prison blog, where many young fans—particularly young female fans—wrote him daily, talking to a version of Weezy that was as much a creation of their imaginations as his.

Swizz Beatz addressed the leaked release of the song:

At first, when the “Anne” song got leaked, I was a little bit upset because I felt that it should have got out the proper way, but then I’m like… what’s the proper way of music getting out in 2011? Shit, I’m not even calling my album an album no more. So it leaking and dropping like that sorta goes with my plan. It made a big splash: you know about it, the world knows about it. It got to stand on its own feet. Millions and millions of people talking about it. Trending topic… so it got the proper exposure. I just think that the traditional way of me doing music is over.