Dazed and Confused

I’m trying to write about yesterday – a remarkable day in so many ways – but I’m pretty thoroughly stupified by it all and am still basking in the feeling that’s settling over the city. More on the Saints and Sunday soon when I can shake the thoughts out. For now, though, let me point you to Jim Henderson’s call (in the Saints/Vikings Highlights) on WWL of Garrett Hartley’s final field goal  – one of those great moments when someone speaking in public is in the exact same place as his/her audience.

  • I know, Alex. Bless your heart.
    It ain't often you can catch me speechless either. I'm just now getting out and about to congratulate everyone. You earned this one too, Mon. Really.
    Please go check out Oyster's post, of a bunch of locals posts, at Your Right Hand Thief.
    It is hard for me to pick a fav but for now it might be the one from Cliff's Crib.
    Editilla~New Orleans Ladder