Going Three for Four with a Walk


When the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees were announced, I made my predictions for the inductees. Today they were announced and I went three for four. Jeff Beck, Metallica and Run-DMC I predicted; Little Anthony and the Imperials I didn’t. I said if anyone else got in, it would be an older artist and not Chic or the Stooges, two of the three most important bands in the list this year. It was Wanda Jackson. The good thing about her selection? We get to see a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer at the Ponderosa Stomp this year, where Jackson will perform.

  • Andy Schwartz

    Correction, Alex: You went three for five (not four), since you missed both Little Anthony & the Imperials and Bobby Womack.

    Wanda Jackson will be inducted as an “Early Influence,” which is weird since that puts her in the Hall alongside pre-rock & roll performers like Robert Johnson or Bessie Smith.

    See: http://www.rockhall.com/induction2009/

  • Alex Rawls

    Andy – Thanks for checking my math, and yeah – Wanda as an “Early Influence” seems to fudge things a bit. I’m sure someone will tell me otherwise, but don’t think of her as being particularly influential. Great and deserving, but not necessarily influential.