How to Get Ink 101

A quick tip to bands that want press – make sure your Web site has a professional, high-resolution (300 dpi) photo of the band clearly marked on it, complete with photo credit. I’m often looking for photos of bands that don’t get as much attention to fill holes, but I frequently end up using shots of the artists you always see not out of favoritism or preference but because they have photos and they’re easily accessed. And I stress “professional” because a) it’s more likely to actually be to the specs I’ve mentioned (which are pretty much industry standards for print media), and b) photography is one of the places where amateurism really shows. It’s not necessarily pricey. When I wrote band bios, I wrote them on a sliding scale, getting paid when contracted by publicists but working for a reduced rate for locals. I suspect photographers work the same way – or some do, anyway. Find someone whose work you like and contact them.