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The Abitals, The Abitals (Independent)

  Direct from Abita Springs, the Abitals deliver a straight-ahead unpretentious rock ’n’ roll album. While they may tip their hat to the lads from Liverpool, this is music clearly […]

Belton Richard, The Essential Cajun Music Collection, Volume 2 (Swallow Records)

  With interest mounting in the musical legacy of Belton Richard, it seems criminal that not all his discography has been released on CD, since virtually every contemporary Cajun band […]

Garden District Trio, Upward (DHMP Records)

All Original David Hansen There’s something very comfortable about this recording, almost as if it sparks memories of familiar grooves stored in our collective DNA. Whatever it may be, things […]

Little Freddie King, Absolutely the Best (WadeRight Records)

Little Freddie King: Raucous Blues from the Bywater Despite posing on the Absolutely the Best cover—and on stages on the festival circuit—in clothes picked off the racks at Soul Train […]

Benny Amón, Benny Amón’s New Orleans Pearls

Drummer Benny Amón, transplanted here from California in 2011, has been digging into the sounds of New Orleans revival heroes Zutty Singleton and the Barbarin Brothers. Pearls was recorded in […]

First Revolution Singers of New Orleans, Heaven Is My Goal (504 Records)

  Many New Orleanians might recognize the First Revolution Singers, who formed in 1972 and re-grouped in 1980, regularly performing in the French Quarter. The First Revolution, an old-school a […]

Crazy Whisky, Crazy Whisky

    Most traditional bluegrass is gothic as, er, hell, staring death right in the face with a firm grounding of tradition and unshakeable faith. But for the members of […]

Charlie Dennard, Deep Blue (Deneaux)

  Though New Orleans has been his home base for 20 years, keyboard ace Charlie Dennard knows quite a bit about travel. He has performed as a musical director for […]

Steve Conn, Flesh and Bone (Not Really Records)

  Steve Conn is a brutally honest songwriter. For his fifth album, Flesh and Bone, he discloses dark secrets that others would rather croak first than reveal. There isn’t much […]

Norbert Susemihl, Chloe Feoranzo, Barnaby Gold and Harry Mayronne, The New Orleans Dance Hall Quartet

  Its springtime again, festival season is upon us, and just as the crawfish boils get going Norbert Susemihl will come to town, as he has for over 30 years. […]