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Irvin Mayfield + The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, “Live at Newport” (Basin Street Records)

Complete with introductions and crowd reaction, Live at Newport, by trumpeter Irvin Mayfield leading the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, was captured at the 2015 edition of the highly respected Newport […]

REWIND: James Booker, “Classified” (Rounder Records)

“James Booker had a gig every week at the Maple Leaf with Johnny Vidacovich on drums, James Singleton on bass and Red Tyler on sax. That was going to be […]

Debbie Davis & Josh Paxton, “Vices & Virtues—A Live Record” (Independent)

Debbie Davis has always been a musical polymath, with a wide-open definition of what qualifies as a jazz song: Material on this live disc ranges from Duke Ellington to the […]

Sam Price & the True Believers, “Sam Price & the True Believers” (Independent)

Some people make solo albums so they can do something much different than their regular band; others do it just because the band already has enough material. The solo-band debut […]

Preservation Hall Jazz Band, “So It Is” (Legacy Recordings)

Under Ben Jaffe’s leadership, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band has spent much of the past decade redrawing the boundaries of traditional New Orleans jazz. Four years ago, the band released […]

Captain Green, “Jazz Noise” (Independent)

It’s always possible that they’re just being self-effacing, but the members of Captain Green probably meant the title of their third full-length studio album as a challenge, a la Public […]

The Rayo Brothers, “Take You for a Drive” (Independent)

With a family that includes members of the Lost Bayou Ramblers and the late Hadley Castille, it would seem more likely—and easier—for the Rayo Brothers (and sister Sarah Jayde Williams) […]

The Tangiers Combo, “Are You in the Mood?” (Independent)

If you were a New Orleans expat in the early days of the Great Depression, one who suddenly needed to leave town for reasons best left unsaid by booking passage […]

Black Laurel, “Black Laurel” (Independent)

If rock and roll, like any other form of music, stops growing, is it still alive? More to the point, is it still relevant? Gregg Yde apparently thinks so. An […]

Bon Bon Vivant, “Paint & Pageantry” (Independent)

You might well guess, from both their band name and the title of their debut full-length album, that the cabaret is strong with this sextet, and you’d be right: Song […]