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Tuba Skinny, “Some Kind-A-Shake” (Independent)

Tuba Skinny has gone all out on the band’s 10th album, Some Kind-A-Shake. Recorded at the swanky The Living Room Studio, the band sounds better than ever. With a full […]

Various Artists, Jazz Fest: The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (Smithsonian Folkways)

One of the beauties of the five-CD box set, Jazz Fest: The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, is that on the very first cut on disc one, The Golden […]

Mia Borders, Good Side of Bad (Blaxican)

Since Mia Borders is well-steeped in classic soul, you might say that her latest disc (either a short album or a long EP at 24 minutes) is her version of […]

Nick Sanders Trio, Playtime 2050 (Sunnyside)

The cover of the Nick Sanders Trio’s third album, if you’re not already looking at it, features a little girl and her stuffed companion, both of whom are wearing gas […]

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Gnomes and Badgers (Seven Spheres Records)

The comical cover illustration of the grouchy gnome and the feisty badger pointing fingers at each other is practically an uncaptioned political cartoon. Left to interpretation, it could symbolize the […]

Smoking Time Jazz Club, Contrapuntal Stomp (Independent)

Much like the whimsical pen-and-crayon creatures on its album cover (courtesy of bassist/bandleader John Joyce), Smoking Time Jazz Club’s tenth album, Contrapuntal Stomp, is all about fun. While their previous […]

Uncle Nef, Love Songs (Ropeadope)

You wouldn’t think the world needed another version of “St. James Infirmary” at this point, but the one that closes out Uncle Nef’s first full album isn’t like any you’ve […]

Greg Schatz, Amoebotics (Hot Spazz Records)

Greg “Schatzy” Schatz has made a name for himself as one of New Orleans’s key singer-songwriters and, ironically, he got there by tearing himself down. Schatz was among the first […]

Josh Hyde, Into the Soul (Independent)

After releasing his critically acclaimed Call of the Night effort in 2017, Alexandria guitarist-songwriter Josh Hyde knew it would be only a matter time before he worked with Nashville producer […]

D.O.N., Out the Loop Too (Independent)

Rapper D.O.N., a.k.a. Don the Worker, is low-key, and resides on the West Bank. He has a family and goes to church. So maybe you haven’t seen him on local […]