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John Michael Bradford, “Something Old, Something New” (AFO)

The title of this debut by trumpeter and vocalist John Michael Bradford, Something Old, Something New, accurately describes the music within and his continued interest in both traditional and modern […]

Tom McDermott, “Five Lines No Waiting: Limericks & Sketches” (Sagging Shorts)

In his work as a composer and pianist, Tom McDermott has held a long fascination with the rag, a song structure popularized in the late 1800s and early 1900s. As […]

Various Artists, “American Epic: The Collection” (Lo-Max/Third Man/Legacy)

American Epic: The Collection seems destined to win a Grammy award for best historical album. A box set in a bound book format containing five CDs and 100 recordings, The […]

Deltaphonic, “See Red” (Independent)

Two years ago, Deltaphonic’s debut full-length debut, Texas Texas, came out of nowhere to redefine, despite its title, that distinctly New Orleans blend of blues, rock and funk that rules […]

Bobby Watson, “Made in America” (Smoke Sessions Records)

Made in America offers some terrific blowing by alto saxophonist Bobby Watson heading an all-star band with bassist Curtis Lundy, pianist Stephen Scott and drummer Lewis Nash. It also provides […]

Willie Nelson, “God’s Problem Child” (Legacy Recordings)

Willie Nelson released his latest album, the wise and warm God’s Problem Child, on April 28, the day before his 84th birthday. Like any great album, it works as a […]

Blato Zlato, “Swamp Gold” (Independent)

Even in a city that’s renowned for combining everything with everything else, this one’s a little surprising. Blato Zilato bill themselves as a band putting a Cajun spin on Balkan […]

Chase Tyler, “Tailgate Sunset” (Independent)

Chase Tyler calls Baton Rouge home, and he identifies strongly with it; not for nothing does he work Garth Brooks’ “Callin’ Baton Rouge” into his shows. It’s that kind of […]

Lord David, “Blood from a Stone” (Independent)

It works just fine for the here and now, but this debut from local singer-songwriter Lord David sounds like it should be copyrighted 1991, that fateful year when hair-metal crested […]

Bonsoir, Catin “L’Aurore” (Valcour Records)

The question of what does it mean to be a modern Cajun band is answered on Bonsoir, Catin’s L’Aurore. Without daring to confine themselves, the band members Christine Balfa, Anya […]