Andrew Duhon: The Moorings (Independent)

Andrew Duhon, The Moorings, album cover

“Some songs developed slowly, while others—like souvenirs—seem to have been picked up along the way.” Andrew Duhon explains in the liner notes of The Moorings, the singer-songwriter’s third record. Upon listening one can absolutely sense the urgency of place in Duhon’s writing, as well as in the pace of the record itself.[iframe class=”spotify-right” src=”” width=”300″ height=”380″ frameborder=”0″ allowtransparency=”true”]Buy on AmazonBuy on iTunes
Filled with solid melodies and charming lyrics, his work tends to gravitate towards themes of love and the requisite loneliness of being without it—whether it be on the road, in a new city, or even just among one’s own thoughts. Lyrics such as “And we’ll ride around Uptown on my tandem bike / I’ll buy some records, and you’ll buy some wine / I’ll put on a song that I think you might like / Then we’ll drink till we can’t tell the day from the night” on the album’s “Tandem Bike” evoke a convincing, romantic kind of imagery that for the most part avoids the cliches and tropes of the singer-songwriter. With strong lyrics and instrumentals, Duhon’s music brings to mind the work of Ray LaMontagne—albeit a version with a bit more of a New Orleans influence.