The Asylum Chorus, Blue Sunshine (Independent)

The Asylum Chorus are back with their second EP, Blue Sunshine. Over the years they have been crafting their sound, layer by layer, developing from an a capella group singing spirituals into a band with a definitive identity. With each subsequent release they have introduced new musical influences into the mix, culminating in a blend of spiritual neo-soul roots-rock interlaced with intricate vocal harmonies. They hit their stride with their previous EP, Take a Piece, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped experimenting on this release.

Blue Sunshine follows the formula of their previous EP in that its seven songs serve as platforms for each vocalist. “Leave That Phone Alone”, “Something to Burn,” and “Sunshine” adhere most closely to the feel of their previous album. “Calling” comes from the same place, but stands out from the rest with its Indian tabla rhythm and genuine vocal from Sybil Shanell. “Get That Get Back” and “Spot Removal” are the most adventurous tracks in that they’re more highly produced and pop-influenced than anything the group has done before. “Changing Time” features the ear-catching baritone of Lucas Davenport and has a hip-hop funk kind of feel that could be an interesting new direction for the group.

Always evolving and pushing the limits, the Asylum Chorus continues to be a unique band. Where will they take us next?