B.B. King, There Is Always One More Time (MCA Records)

King himself says it’s the best album he’s recorded, and I feel it’s the best album he’s recorded since the days of “The Thrill is Gone,” “Rock Me Baby” and “Three O’clock in the Morning Blues.’ He gets lowdown and dirty, and covers great songs by Doc Pomus, Arthur Adams, Joe Sample, Will Jennings and Ken Hirsch. The arrangements are topnotch without losing the significant bluesy sounds that B.B. is so famous for. I just want to play this LP over and over again. It gets better each time you play it and just moves from cut to cut, never losing the groove. The top cuts include ‘Back in L.A.,” (a future Number one record!), “Something Up My Sleeve,” (great lowdown blues), “Mean and Evil,” and “There is Always One More Time”. There is always room for one more B.B. King album in everybody’s collection, especially this one.