Caddywhompus, EPs (Independent)

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare once wrote. In “Caddywhompus” one expects a lot—or at least a band that rocks.

They don’t disappoint.

The first 45 seconds of this album warn of the electrical storm ahead, the clouds of feedback circling overhead until the downpour of cymbals, riffs, fingertaps, and “oh-oh-ohs” begin. For the rest of the album, Sean Hart’s thunderous gattling drums and the lightning crackling out of Chris Rehm’s amplifiers drench the listener in pounding rhythms and warm melodies. There are sprinklings of psychedelic touches that never overwhelm, but only complement the pop sensibilities that shine throughout the ten songs on this CD.

Although there are a couple of slight stutters here and there—ideas that could have been more fully developed; sometimes sophomoric song titles—at their best the songs on EPs are beautiful, multi-textured, psilocybic soundscapes that explode into torrential bursts of energy and sing-song refrains. If the album as a whole feels fragmented, that is because it is a collection of their previous two EP offerings with a few new tracks added on. Unlike the offerings of so many young bands though, EPs hangs together because this duo seems to have already found an identity that is unmistakably theirs, and undeniably caddywhompus.

This is a monsoon of an album and a refreshing conception of rock ’n’ roll.