Cat Head Biscuit Boys, “Cat Head Biscuit Boys” (Valcour Records)

cat head biscuit boysThough the Cat Head Biscuit Boys’ eponymously titled debut is a mere four-song EP, it’s nonetheless an intriguing cross-section of the band’s eclecticism and versatility. As evidenced by “Diamond Joe,” a spirited mountain hoedown spearheaded by Ben Shank’s driving fiddling. Cat Head Biscuit Boys never stays in one place for long. There’s vintage jazz on “It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie,” the disc’s most infectious track, which features Roger Kash’s syncopated vocals and Dr. Josef Butts’ killer acoustic bass solo.

There’s also a strong David Egan connection with “Creole Tomato” that only now makes its recorded debut. Originally the late singer-songwriter/pianist envisioned it as a New Orleans mambo but when Los Texmaniacs’ Josh Baca came in to play accordion, he stirred it up as a salsa-powered conjunto mambo.

Butts’ gypsy-jazz flavored “The Way You Do” boasts telepathic interplay between Kash, Shank and acoustic guitarist Bruce MacDonald, who kicks off the main melody with a cool stutter riff. Lyrically, it’s delightfully quirky with such oddball lines as “Nobody rubs my head the way you do,” showing how there’s never a shortage of creativity when professing true love.