Chubby Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band, Rockin With Roy (Swampadellic Records)

Chubby Carrier, Rockin with Roy, album cover

On Rockin With Roy, Chubby Carrier pays homage to the man responsible for his very zydeco existence, pops Roy Carrier (1947-2010) who weaned his son in his bands. The first few tracks (“I Found My Woman Doing the Zydeco,” “Whisky Drinkin’ Man”) are signature Roy originals with Carrier interpreting ’em in his own beefy way—opening with a brief old school, “la-la” intro followed by a full band arsenal with an unbeatable rhythm section. Buy on Amazon Buy on iTunes“Roy Left Lawtell” offers a clever twist to Roy’s “Leaving Lawtell” but should have been saved for last since it fits better lyrically (“and he ain’t coming back”) and bookends the tribute concept of the CD.

Several more tracks are not originals but were gig staples of Roy’s such as Hank Williams’ “Jambalaya” and Rockin’ Sidney’s “Don’t Mess With My Toot Toot.” “Blue Runner,” a tune from distant cousin Bébé Carrière, may be the most surprising of this lot since it’s normally rendered as a bluesy fiddle number, not on a bellows-pumping, Italian triple-row squeezebox. On “Jambalaya” and “Blue Runner,” guest fiddler Beau Thomas not only slays his solos but his presence briefly hints at old-time Creole music. Carrier injects plenty of his personality along the way, reprising a few dusty originals from Take Me to the Zydeco and unveiling the über hip “Get on the Floor,” with its funky James Brown-inspired dance grooves. With this insanely energetic and impeccably executed affair, it’s nice to know good things happen when parents raise their children zydeco right.

  • Chuck B

    So happy for you on your new, well reviewed music Chubby. Glad to have played on one of your earlier CD’s. You are a true inspiration.-Chuck B.

  • Sunshine Dennis

    Great to see Chubby getting back to his roots and paying tribute to Papa Roy!