Chubby Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band, Zydeco Stuff (Swampadelic Records)

Why fix it if it ain’t broke? That’s been Chubby Carrier’s credo of late when it comes to making records. Just as he did on 2013’s Back to My Roots, Carrier enlisted good pal/neighbor Chris Ardoin as producer. These tracks are a byproduct of their frequent jamming and composing sessions. Not credited as such, lanky drummer Jamie Dominic also had a big hand here, writing most of the lyrics and singing on “Let the Meatball Roll” and “All My Life” with an electrifying presence.

If there is a track that could become a legacy staple like “Who Stole the Hot Sauce” and “Zydeco Junkie,” it might be “Chicken on the Bone.” The song was inspired when Carrier was eating lunch one day with wife Misty, a Missouri-born, Louisiana transplant. To her dismay, his chicken sandwich had a bone in it, to which he replied ‘Well, I like my chicken on the bone… that’s how we eat it down here.’

“Good Ol’ Paw Paw,” an old-style waltz, is quite touching—a loving dedication to hard-working, farming grandfather Warren Carrier. He was the first in the immediate family to play zydeco and the originator of this zydeco stuff, at least for this lineage.

Throughout this baker’s dozen tracks, Ardoin’s monstrous presence is felt. Besides serving as producer, he also played bass, guitar, drums, washboard, keyboards and even accordion on four tracks, which is a little unusual given the competitive nature of zydeco.

With this collaborative backstory unveiled, the end result is yet another solid Carrier dance-centric affair propelled by jet-setting tempos and pounding beats.