Corey Ledet & His Zydeco Band, “Standing on Faith” (CPL Records)

It’s becoming a familiar story. Many of today’s zydeco stalwarts would rather be known as artists with overarching talents than be pigeonholed solely as zydeco. Now add Corey Ledet to that growing sentiment. His ninth album of a 25-year-career is not all zydeco, with nary a trace of Clifton Chenier, whom he’s channeled since the beginning. Instead, he follows his muse to create music that feels right rather than make futile attempts at being marketable. Of these eight tracks, only two are trad zydeco, the snappy “Push Me Away” and the whip-snapping, out-of-control “New York City,” which salutes the late Roy Carrier. Two more fall into the nouveau camp where Ledet straps on the piano note and makes it sound quite urban-contemporary.

Kicking off the proceedings is “Intro,” a Prince-styled vamp with a cartoonish voice announcing Ledet’s grand entrance as if he was a WWF wrestler. The title track offers an optimistic explanation of his career philosophy, and the Caribbean-tinged, steel pan–emulating “A Good Day” is just as sunny. The arrangements are well crafted, loaded with riffs, effects and lush background vocals, especially given the chill “Take Me There.” With just eight tracks, it’s more of a taste of Ledet’s new direction than an immersion, but still enough to establish a new baseline.