Crazy Whisky, Crazy Whisky



Most traditional bluegrass is gothic as, er, hell, staring death right in the face with a firm grounding of tradition and unshakeable faith. But for the members of Crazy Whisky, bluegrass is a creature comfort, a soundtrack for cozy domesticity. Even the lone cover on their debut, “Drunkard’s Special,” is a twee take on an ancient cuckold’s tale that’s more silly than sad. And aside from the original death ballad “12 Days,” these nine tunes are as comfortable but surprisingly sturdy as an old easy chair.

crazy whiskyThis is no doubt due to the band’s core; it’s got a revolving lineup but is always centered on Eileen “Crazy Horse” McKenna and Todd “Whisky T” McNulty. (Hence the name.) It’s probably not scandalous to suggest that it’s their cozy domesticity that the songs go on about, like “I Gained You” (“Two’s enough to make a scene”) or “Fire Evening” (“A beer, a fire, and my baby”) or “You and Me,” a date night which promises “Saturday night we’ll sit around the old kitchen table makin’ beautiful sounds.”