Curren$y, Weekend at Burnie’s (Warner Bros. Records)

Curren$y, Weekend at Burnie's (Warner Bros. Records)

Curren$y understands the formula to creating a cult following: consistent, high quality music delivered frequently. That’s why Spitta has released three albums and a few mixtapes in the last two years, feeding his fans that are starving for new music like it’s a bag of Cheetos after 12 bong rips.

Weekend at Burnie’s is standard Curren$y fare that doesn’t push the envelope beyond what fans have come to expect from the Mary Jane enthusiast. By sticking with the script, Burnie’s doesn’t detract from Spitta’s overall catalogue.

The album starts with the doobie’d out “#Jetsgo” that features the New Orleans MC dropping his patented sneaker references and conjuring up new nicknames for his greenery of choice. The album maintains its smooth sound until things pick up with the Monsta Beatz-helmed “One Life” that really allows the album to gain some serious momentum.

Old school New Orleans hip-hop fans are sure to go crazy over the No Limit reunion between Curren$y and former labelmate Fiend on “Televised”—now performing under the name International Jones—which sounds like an ode to ‘90s R&B but with two of the city’s most respected rappers trading dreams of fame and the spoils of success.

Curren$y also enlists the help of his Jets teammates Young Roddy and Trademark on three of the album’s 12 tracks. The strongest of the three is “Get Paid,” where all three form like Voltron, ending the album with listeners salivating for a full-length album from the trio.

Weekend at Burnie’s is a tad slower than Curren$y’s previous efforts, with more synths and softer beats. However, Spitta offers an album full of his standard weed, women and clothes that made him the cult icon and fan favorite he is now.

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