Cyril Neville Endangered Species, The Complete Recordings / Endangered Species: The Essential Recordings (Louisiana Red Hot Records)

The Essence of New Orleans


If you don’t know how incredibly epic singer/songwriter/percussionist Cyril Neville’s career has been, you need to educate yourself. Seriously, go look him up right now… Do you see what I mean? He’s a member of New Orleans’ first family of music, the Nevilles, and is the nephew of Chief Jolly of The Wild Tchoupitoulas. He has played with the Neville Brothers and the Meters. He used to hang out with James Booker, toured the world three times alongside the Rolling Stones, is an avid environmental activist, and the list of badass things about him goes on and on.

reviews-cyrilnevilleWhether you’re a total neophyte or a longtime fan, Cyril’s latest multi-album release is structured to introduce new listeners to his solo career and/or indulge the already initiated. Endangered Species: The Complete Recordings is a 5-disc retrospective of his work with the Endangered Species label. It includes the albums New Orleans Cookin’, Soulo, Solemnly Yours, The Fire This Time and Medicine. If you want to go full tilt into Cyril’s post-Meters career, this is the place to jump in. If you’re just encountering Cyril’s music for the first time, Endangered Species: The Essential Recordings is the perfect primer, culling select gems from all five albums.

No matter which path you take, you’ll find what many already know: Cyril is a distinctive vocalist, a talented songwriter, and can conjure the essence of New Orleans at will. He can shift effortlessly between funk, soul, R&B, Caribbean, brass and hip-hop, experimenting with each style and always infusing the music with his unique touch.