DJ Yamin, Quickie Mart, Tony Skratchere, NOLA Bounce Breaks Volume 1 (Super Jock Records)

Intended as an homage to the pioneers of New Orleans bounce—T. T. Tucker, DJ Irv, DJ Jimi, Mannie Fresh, DJ Jubilee and the countless other DJs, rappers and producers who have contributed to the genre over the three decades of its history—NOLA Bounce Breaks Volume 1 is a 7-inch full of classic bounce scratch sounds, break beats and bounce rap a capellas from artists like 5th Ward Weebie and Fly Boi Keno meant to highlight the role of the DJ in bounce.Drawing from the mold of early scratch records, New Orleans DJs Yamin, Quickie Mart and Tony Skratchere worked collaboratively to produce a project intended as a tool for musicians to make their own bounce music. With tracks divided by geographic location (Uptown, Downtown, 9th Ward), NOLA Bounce Breaks is an intensely local record for global audiences produced in the bounce spirit of collaboration and sampling. In breaking down the building blocks of classic bounce, Yamin, Quickie Mart and Skratchere have offered a record that is both enjoyable and practical, while contributing to the growing movement of portablism (portable turntablism) via 7-inch.