Dwight Fitch, Jr., For Those Who Believe (Crucified 2:20 Music)

Dwight Fitch Jr., For Those Who Believe, Crucified 2:20 Music

The Fitch family name is renowned in the New Orleans gospel community. Dwight Fitch Jr., the son of gospel’s dynamic duo Connie and Dwight, carries on the tradition of excellence. Like his parents, the vocalist, keyboardist and composer also enjoys a standing in the secular world of music.

As the title of the CD indicates, Fitch celebrates and shares his faith on an album of mainly original material. His modern approach might be more accurately described as soulful, Christian rhythm and blues rather than pure gospel. The opener, his “I Wanna Say Thank You,” is a toe-tapper with Fitch delivering the well-written lyrics with a warm, pure tone. Keisa Rubin and Dalila Seruntine provide the perfectly in-sync background vocals. The next, self-penned number, “Lord You’ve Been Good,” boasts a Stevie Wonder groove.

Fitch’s inventive electric and acoustic keyboards lead a solid band that can be credited, in part, for much of the album’s success. It includes noted jazz bassist David Pulphus, drummer Geoff Clapp and saxophonist Clarence Johnson III plus guitarist Chandler Veasey. With these guys onboard, it’s no wonder that the ensemble works with such distinctive unison on a program that moves from grooves to ballads and ends with a bossa nova. The group gives Fitch’s wonderfully sincere and endearing vocals the kind of support they deserve. For Those Who Believe rejoices in the love of God and fine music.