Earl Long, Term Two (ShamGORILla Records)

Earl Long, Term Two, album cover

Give this new vinyl release a spin while alone on a stormy night and you’ll scare yourself to sleep. In a good way. Such is the touch of seasoned experimental musician/Wavy Gravy-style guru Ray Bong, who has a knack for showing you the light by taking you to some dark places. Taking a title referencing the late Louisiana governor (and noting in accompanying text Long’s possible mental illness diagnoses “less a creeping dementia than Systematic Derangement of the Senses,” Bong teamed up with Brian Bromberg (who mixed, engineered and produced the majority of the album), Suzy Creamcheese, Michael Winter and Chris Winter to record as Earl Long in the studio at Euclid Records in the Bywater, where they hunkered down amidst the 2,500-square-foot space’s dense paneling and intimate confines to chart sonic territory in creating Term Two, an instrumental mind-fuck on two sides that evokes moods both urban and rural, musicianship both ancient and futuristic. The disturbing dissonance of side one’s bizarre, button-pushing instrumentation gives way on the flip side to a low-fi Celtic vibe that moves to a cello played with mischievous menace, presumably by the methed-out hillbilly crooner whose guffaws you hear next. An electronic apex slows down into primal drumming that pulses over what possibly registers in the dark recesses of your neural pathways as soundtrack to the slasher scene in a B-horror movie. For adventurous fans of the avant-garde, Term Two is a strange trip worth taking.


  • Brian

    Thanks for reviewing the record! The record is available for free download or purchase at Shangorillarecords.bandcamp.com

    Or at EuclidNOLA 3401 Chartres

  • Dan Derozier

    This record rules. If you have the means to play it on vinyl, I highly recommend it.