Evan Christopher, Fapy Lafertin, Dave Kelbie and Sebastien Girardot, A Summit in Paris (Camille Productions)

On A Summit in Paris clarinetist Evan Christopher joins his contemporary, early jazz stylings with the Django-worthy technique of guitarist Fapy Laftertin to honor both Reinhardt and several pioneers of early New Orleans jazz.

Both musicians are masters of their craft and deftly move through 13 songs chosen specifically to blend the influences of New Orleans’ early jazz legends with Django’s gypsy style. These include Louis Armstrong’s “Wild Man Blues” and “Swing That Music”; Sidney Bechet’s “Bechet’s Fantasy” and “Little Creole Lullaby”; the standards “In a Sentimental Mood” and “After You’ve Gone”; and Django’s own “Clair de Lune” and “Sweet Chorus.” They’ve also slipped in four original tunes: Christopher’s “Old Sober March” and “A Summit in Paris” as well as Lafertin’s “Cinzano” and “Plachterida.” Solidly backing the formidable duo are Sebastien Girardot on bass and Dave Kelbie on guitar. 

Christopher and Lafertin have dedicated themselves to their respective stylistic influences and to great effect. On this album they impressively channel these legends of the past, creating for us the fantasy scenarios we can only dream of: Bechet with the manouches, Django in the Big Easy.