Extended, “Extended” (Independent)

Extended is a trio with pianist Oscar Rossignoli, bassist Matt Booth and drummer Brad Webb. If those names don’t sound familiar, they soon might as these are some extremely talented young cats on the jazz scene. As heard throughout this excellent album, these musicians, individually and as an ensemble, cannot be denied. On the opening cut, “Doce Lunas,” composed by Honduran-born New Orleans resident Rossignoli, the group’s edginess makes an immediate impression. It has attitude. The second selection, “Actually,” this time from the pen of Webb, continues that confident vibe. The furious pace that evolves from the gentle start of “Never Odd or Even” startles with its unexpectedness. It’s a quality that permeates the album full of original material contributed by all three artists.

Bassist Booth offers a quieter mood and slower tempo on “Before Grey” while Webb’s drums maintain a tap-dancing rhythmic undercurrent. Rossignoli’s classic training is in evidence at the opening of another, somewhat more meditative number, Webb’s “What If.” A taste of the pianist’s Honduran homeland briefly enters on “Neck and Neck.”

These three musicians sound as if they were destined to play with each other. Their interactions, improvisations and the seamless way their compositions flow from cut to cut feel instinctive. Extended exemplifies creativity.