Gravity A, Renegade Masters (Independent)

Gravity A, Renegade Masters

On this three-track EP, Gravity A generates an impressive selection of sounds, amalgamated within the tricky livetronica genre. Against the yardstick of an electronica DJ, many bands would come off as simplistic, lacking resources when compared to the infinite choices of the digital world. Gravity A is certainly not one of them.

I dug the space synths of the first track, and the programmed beats will feel familiar to anyone who danced or played videogames last century. If you dug U.N.K.L.E or the Jungle Brothers, or even the Mahivishnu Orchestra, and would like to hear them stacked and played at substantial speed, check it out.

On “Goofy Song,” the band begins with a thoughtful lounge mood, progresses into a powerful groove, then suddenly pivots into an unrelated bridge. From there, we’re off to the Meters and the break beats and Phishy-jams that followed in their wake. While the change of gears is severe, this is an EP and the guitar work from Danny Abel is sophisticated, if a bit over-noodled.

The vocal sample on the last track focuses a cinematic collage, seemingly culled from a dream about an autobahn that encircles the French Quarter. As with the entire EP, we cover a lot of ground, with flashes of the past and future rushing by crystal clear windows. Gravity A makes dramatic music, with an interesting vocabulary. While this risks the establishment of an identity, they offer more twists, notes, and suggestions in three songs than many bands do in three albums.