Huval, Dupuy & Fuselier, Cajun Band (Swallow)

Huval, Dupuy, Fuselier, Cajun Band, album cover

Huval, Dupuy & Fuselier isn’t the name of a prestigious downtown law firm but the unveiling of the next generation of talented teenage Cajun musicians. Buy on AmazonEach has already gained notoriety in family bands and professional situations — Luke and Phillip Huval sharing the stage with father Terry’s Jambalaya Cajun Band, Zach Fuselier with Joe Hall’s Louisiana Cane Cutters and Cameron Dupuy fronting his own New Orleans-based Cajun Troubadours. Together they’re a formidable quartet that has already played Jazz Fest, Festival International, and out-of-state events in Canada and Wisconsin.

Dupuy’s accordion playing is dead-on solid with clean, precise notes and impeccable timing. While Dupuy’s playing may be the most salient, Fuselier emits beautiful, rich tones on “Perrodin Two-Step,” a fiddle tune known for testing the mettle of its player. Luke sings the lion’s share of the tunes admirably and while his young voice was changing at the time of this recording, it still had that emotive edge that’s so vital to the genre. It’s a very traditional album showing that the group is well rooted in the core of Cajun music, as noted by its renditions of cherished chestnuts “Les Petits Yeux Bleus” and “Reno Waltz” and popping instrumentals “Ossun Two-Step” and “Hick’s Wagon Wheel Special.” If this album is any indication, the future looks bright.