Keith Jarrett, Radiance (ECM)

Keith Jarrett’s Radiance is a transcendental experience. Recorded live in Japan a few years back, Jarrett’s zen-like approach to this eventful performance was to abandon all preconceptions about form and intention and to enter a place free from the constraints of sentiment, predictability, and expectation.

Radiance engages the listener in a conversation of internal senses as he creates a dreamscape. One should prepare a special place and time for this journey; it’s not something to pop in the CD player casually as you might miss some of the nuances here if you do. Listening to Radiance is akin to driving in a convertible BMW along the Pacific Coast Highway, hugging every curve and chancing death in the pursuit of beauty, however fleeting. Personally, I like to listen to Radiance deep into the night where it begins to unfold and make its own sense like how all the stars in the dark black night sing when the whole wide world is asleep.