Little Freddie King, Gotta Walk with Da King (MadeWright Records)

Little Freddie King, Gotta Walk with Da King, MadeWright RecordsI guess if B.B. King can record a half-dozen or so live albums, our own King—Little Freddie—is entitled to record his second one. While these recordings aren’t dated, they appear to be fairly recent and from a New Mexico festival appearance. There are no frills here as Freddie rips through a fairly workman-like set of traditional blues.

Several influences are heard in Freddie’s music, as one can discern elements of Jimmy Reed, Lightnin’ Slim, Frankie Lee Sims, Smokey Smothers and of course his mentor, Freddie King, to name but a few along the way. Little Freddie is a bit of a rarity as his guitar playing seems to improve with each succeeding release and he really spits out some interesting licks. Some of the songs here get off to a chaotic start—check out “Walkin’ with Freddie”—but the band seems to recover and scramble along behind King’s “unique” timing (the standard 12-bar blues pattern doesn’t necessarily always pertain to our man here). If you’ve seen King in the last couple of years at B.J.’s Lounge, you’re probably familiar with the material—”Cleo’s Back,” “I Used to be Down,” “Mean Little Woman,” etc. A worthy release, a true representation of King’s music and quite enjoyable.

  • I like the rawness of this CD. It feels like someone just field-recorded an hour of Little Freddie King's musical life without trying to smooth out the bumps. King is indeed a time-breaker — that's part of his appeal — and his band has worked together for so long that all its members can accommodate his twists and turns.

    For those who want to learn more about Little Freddie King, we have interviewed him for our freshly release radio documentary, Still Singing the Blues. Listening info at The debut broadcast will be on KRVS in Lafayette, La. (88.7 FM), June 4 at 12:05 p.m. Central Time. Live streaming available at

  • Cabman

    For those fans of Freddie that were left stranded out on Frenchman Street the last time Little Freddie King rocked the house at dba, check out this Cd. It is as close as you can get to seeing a live show. It has all the “hiccups” that one expects from a live performance but the band keeps right up with Freddie , no matter where he might be headed. There isn't anybody else out there playing this kind of “gutbucket” blues anymore and when Freddie leaves us for that ” Big Blues Jam In the Sky” there won't be any more coming up behind him. It ain't polished,it ain't “purty” ,but who says it has to be? If you like your blues raw and heartfelt,this CD needs to be in your collection.