Louie Fontaine, “The Sun Ain’t Black” (Independent)

reviews-louie-fontaine-sun-aint-blackSometimes losing a loved one can bring one full circle. In the case of Louie Fontaine, it was the 2010 death of close friend Rockie Charlies that would lead back to the Big Easy and into the recording studio. After booking 40 days at Dockside Studio and teaming up with producer Tony Daigle, the result is The Sun Ain’t Black, a quirky trip through classic rock that ends up being more fun than anything.

Over the course of the album’s 16 tracks, listeners are taken on a journey through the mind of the Danish-born artist as he blends elements of rock, blues and country music. Soul-tinged harmonies are also interwoven ever so gently, adding a fullness and richness to the chorus on songs like “Prefer My Demon,” “It Ain’t Right,” “Pure Love” and the album’s lead single, “The Pill.”

While Fontaine isn’t the strongest singer, he more than makes up for it with his soul-searching lyrics and the lively musical arrangements. Even when the mood is more somber than light-hearted, as it is on songs such as “Fully Control,” “Daddy,” and the album’s title track, Fontaine still presents a solid outing that is sure to make for an entertaining live experience.