Margie Perez, Singing for My Supper (Threadhead)

Margie Perez, Singing for My Supper (Threadhead Records)Margie Perez first released Singing for My Supper last year, but she has re-released it recently with three new songs. A big part of the fun of Perez is that she’s so sweet in person and in her delivery, but her lyrics are far randier than that persona would lead you to expect. “When I watch you move / I think, ‘What’s one night of sin?’” she sings in the new “You Ain’t the One for Me.” Those songs are set in the relaxed grooves generated by her three-piece band, and the space they create leaves room for her to help make the songs funky.

The new songs are the highlights of the re-release because they show her growth as a lead singer. At times on the initial release, she’s more of a backing vocalist—spot-on, but without the distinctive sound of a frontperson. On those occasions, the space left by the three-piece band felt like an empty living room where something is needed to make it go.

The tango-esque “Somebody Help Me,” on the other hand, plays with her sugary image, singing childlike “la la la”s in a song about trying to get over her ex. Her solution: “Like Uncle Sam / I need a new recruit.” Her wit and delivery there show someone in charge of her music and, it seems, her bed.