Max and the Martians, Curtains (Independent)

With only four tracks on Curtains, the latest release from Max and the Martians leaves no room for a false step. It’s no wonder then that Max Bien Kahn (guitar, vocals) brings his “A game” and delivers a solid recording. Listeners may recognize Max Bien Kahn from his work with Tuba Skinny, but this project gives Max a chance to put on his rock and roll shoes. 

“Fever Dreamer” sets the stage for what the listener can expect. There’s a hazy feel to the proceeding that draws to mind George Harrison’s early solo work and features lush harmony and some tasty jangly guitar work. “Springtime” follows the same formula but has the added benefit of some nice swirling organ from Duff Thompson. The title track features guitar lines that drip with humidity and the closing “This Town” wraps things up with a nice loping rhythm that encapsulates what this band is all about. 

This is a definitely a group effort as Jordan Odom (guitar), Duff Thompson (drums, organ), Eli Silverman (bass), Esther Rose and Camille Weatherford (vocals) provide a lush and dreamy landscape that melds nicely with Max’s well-crafted songs that result in highly danceable psychedelic pop. Hopefully the release of Curtains will be the liftoff that will land Max and the Martians a larger following.