Metronome the City, 720 Degrees (Independent)

From the moment the electric guitar elevates in anticipation for the first level to start, you’re no longer in your bedroom with the latest Metronome the City album, 720 Degrees. You’re gliding down the steepest hill in San Fran on a skateboard. Inspired by the 1986 videogame by Atari of the same name, 720 Degrees is a derivative art piece which shows off the musicality of the videogame without taking away any of its original magic.

Metronome the City found the perfect sounds with their traditional guitars, drums, keyboards and bass, and they propel listeners past each challenging level. Each sound effect and accompanying music provides a marker of where listeners would be if they were playing the game; whether the bass works with the drums to provide an air of defeat, or the synthesizer announces the bonus points you scored for landing the perfect 540. Listeners will feel as though they’ve got their helmets on, their skateboards ready, and all they need now is someone to press start.