Metronome the City, Isonomia (Independent)

Metronome the City’s new record Isonomnia mixes 1970s progressive rock and fusion with current ambient textures to make for a listening experience that is revealing and fascinating from the outset.

They also don’t fall prey to the endless noodling of prog nor the repetitive-veering-to-monotony rhythms of ambient and EDM music.

There is a mix of the clean and the dirty here with the melodies having a chiming or ringing tone while the drums and rhythm guitar have a dirty distortion.

The music is cinematic in that it takes the listener places. There are journeys and travels, both inner and outer, in the music here. All the sounds that make up the songs are precise and integrated with each other. There are traces of Pink Floyd in “Beach” in the way that the song slowly unfolds with deliberation and psychedelic pacing.

Other tracks hit hard and martial like the Tangerine Dream elements in “Gesticulating Replicant” or almost pastoral (if a record that is this electronic can be called pastoral) in “Wonton/Taun-Taun.”

Kudos to Metronome The City for making an instrumental record that is tight and exciting. Such a feat is not an easy one.