Mighty Brother, “The Vibe” (Independent)

mighty brotherTaking inspirational cues from the Crescent City, Mighty Brother’s five-song five-piece line-up EP The Vibe showcases the band’s musical adaptability, songwriting skills and grasp of putting it all together. The recording sets out to capture musically some of our city’s unique charms, incorporating a next-generation melding of funk, rock and Avett-Americana to paint the scenes. The album starts with the airy “Menagerie”—a subtle song with a picked arpeggios intro, slowly adorned with simple lyrics. A touch of a Latin beat works its way in and out of the rhythm on the sound of claves. In the middle, you hear some nice upbeat vocal call and response that drives the song, top-down, over the halfway point. From there we drift out into repeated phrases over saxophone, chimes and charm. Felt like a good wake-up in the French Quarter.

The title track, “The Vibe,” finds the sweet spot exploring tasty vocal harmonies and a stand-up beat. It has all the good flavors of New Americana, Beatles and even Buddy Holly earnestness to it. This song, carried by the shuffling, swinging drums, is the heartbeat of the album—and an energizing tune.

The five songs that make up The Vibe take us on a tour of a young band’s distillation of New Orleans. Mighty Brother is an upbeat, refreshing band that delivers a embraceable album. I bet these dudes would be great live.

  • kj1989

    I don’t really see how the good flavors of New Americana or the Beatles incorporate the New Orleans vibe. The Vibe just sounds like a wall of sound with no dynamics. I appreciate and recognize the sound that is trying to be, but I don’t see it being translated to the music as clearly identifiable, just sound. 2/5

  • Amelia

    I can’t stop listening to this EP! Thanks Offbeat for bringing it to me. Menagerie is a stellar and dreamy tune.

  • Sylvia Fong Schieber

    This EP is awesome! This is the kind of music I could listen to anywhere on repeat. It has good vocals, beats and a complex rhythm that never gets old! Hope I see you on Jimmy Fallon soon!!!

  • William Huster

    These guys are all-around excellent song writers and musicians. They draw on a huge range of musical influences — including the funky big band sounds of NOLA — and it all works together beautifully. And, yes, these dudes ARE great live.

  • Sybil Conners

    If you want good music that captures New Orleans then listen to New Orleans musicians….