Misled, Chemical Reaction (Dixie Dawg Records)

KISS Army alert: If you’ve seen the latest farewell tour and you’re distraught over never getting the best again, check out this EP from local rockers Misled. Chemical Reaction absolutely nails that pre-Destroyer vibe better than anything since Urge Overkill, not as smart as Urge but crunchier than either group. With some exceptions, these guys spend most of the rest of their time adrift somewhere in that Clutch / Monster Magnet ozone, and they have the right sound to make it pay off, all tribal drum flourishes and thick-ass, low-end riffs awash in wah. They’re also smart enough to know when to shut up, which is why “Mental Breakdown” gets the job done in under two minutes, a testament to the punk side that gives their snottiness extra cred. Who can’t relate to the ennui of lyrics like “Bored as fuck / Lonely as hell / Depression, Anxiety, PTSD”? Somewhere, embattled Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew kicks back in his El Camino, pops this on, and decides to just keep livin’.